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Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced PC Game Warner Bros. Studios

67% Positive Reviews
Rated #25 in PC Games


Pros: Long play time. Great character development. Good combat

Cons: A few graphical glitches.

This game is 100 percent worth playing.

It started off a bit rough. The combat is hard to get used to even for seasoned pc gamers, but get past it and you will not regret it. I decided to fight past the difficulty and really found it worth it. I decided randomly one day to try it out with a controller and it all fell together. Plays perfectly with one.

The story is completely addicting. Once you get into the characters, you find your self siding with your favorites and making decisions to favor them. Every decision feels like it affects the flow of the game. Very similar to the Bethesda games in that sense. But the biggest difference is that you really feel connected to Geralt (the main character). The voice acting is top notch and he is very compelling, as with a lot of the characters. I would describe the game as Skyrim with a personality. I recently played through Bioshock Infinite, and absolutely wanted to get through the game to see what happened. Same with this game, but I felt like all the choices I made, shaped how it would end. I could easily play again to see what happened if I chose a single different option in the story.

I could go on and on about the graphics of the game. Easily the best looking game I've ever played. The lighting, the shadows, the physics, everything just looked sooo good. I could walk around the forests just oogaling at how pretty everything looked. I didn't even play with the graphics maxed out. It takes a pretty monster machine to do so.

There were a few little graphical glitches here and there, but as good as it actually looked, these problems were really easy to get past.

Honestly I've had a few favorite games, the type you play over and over again, in the past most of them were on the N64 and even more of them involved Link, but this game really forces it self in to one of my favorite games ever. I really feel I could play it again in the future, which is more than what I can say for a lot of games I've played in the past. I got about 30 hours of play time. I couldn't bring my self to subtract any stars from the review. Seriously folks, if you have the time, this game is worth it.


Pros: Good story and writing

Cons: Lackluster RPG with only one playstyle, hardly any resemblance of a skill/attribute system, pseudo choice/consequence design extremely linear

The Witcher 2 is a perfect example that describes the console RPG experience, which is very surprising considering the fact that it was PC exclusive for some time. It's dumbed down in just about every aspect to appeal to the mainstream crowd which prefers simplicity. It's a semi-RPG that is somehow praised as one of the greatest modern RPGs, and this only brings harm to the genre. Give this article a read.

This actually isn't a bad game on its own, but it's mislabeled, misunderstood, and overhyped. The story and writing are good, but not most fitting for an RPG. Dialogue choices are very rare (just a predictable, occasional persuasion option) and they hardly make a difference, the game ignores all but two or three decisions from the first game and even then, those decisions are barely addressed (even your romance choice in the first game is discarded). Anyone who tries to deny this will have no evidence as they are simply in denial.

People praise its "non-linear story" and "dynamic narrative", but this is all exaggerated. The game is limited to simple A or B decisions that have little affect, and these decisions aren't personal or hard to make at all. This is because of the one-dimensional character development, that is completely unaffected by your dialogue choices and your actions. So how are these "moral decisions" supposed to be hard to make, if you don't have much influence over the world or the characters to begin with? It doesn't feel alive, it doesn't feel like you're part of a living world like RPGs are supposed to, and this is because it isn't very strong on RPG aspects at all.

This is all particularly bad because "choice/consequence" is used as a selling point for this game, to appeal to BioWare fans in particular. Marketing hype and nothing more.

There's only one decision that alters the course of the game, but thankfully it is very noticeable. Still, this game only calls for two playthroughs, and due to the one dimensional gameplay it will feel very repetitive the second time around.

Normally I wouldn't even complain too much about its story variation, and how it has much less of it than other RPGs, but all of the praise for this game has gotten out of hand. It isn't exceptional in any way, shape, or form.

Gameplay also fits the image of a dumbed down console RPG. Its action gameplay mechanics are far more simple than The Elder Scrolls games, and it only has one class therefore one playstyle despite being labeled an RPG. The leveling system is secondary and has minimal impact, mostly controlling stats and not granting many new significant abilities. Skyrim for example has many different skills and each one leads to many gameplay abilities. The Witcher 2 has nothing of the sort; leveling up lets you choose some mostly passive, negligible abilities. Even Dark Messiah has more abilities than this.

For a story-driven RPG it's quite pathetic with only a "sign" that lets you attempt to persuade certain characters (very few). There's only one persuasion option in these scenarios. Not like a well made story-driven RPG, like say Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer which very often provides unique pass/fail dialogue for Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, truth/lie options, and more, or Fallout: New Vegas which provides unique dialogue choices based on Speech, Perception, Intelligence, and far more, and often with multiple choices for each of these (e.g. Intelligence 3 or lower, 7 or higher, and one for those in-between). This is one of the main reasons why all Witcher games barely have any role-playing. You play as a predefined character with a defined personality and not much choice over what he says or does.

Some hardcore fans of this franchise actually use the lack of role-playing as an argument for how special the game is. LOL! The argument is that these are some of the only games in which you play as someone who isn't a clear cut hero with tons of power (you don't have much political power for example). This is all exaggerated though; plenty of other games don't give you a typical hero role, and more importantly as Geralt you still single handedly take on and win at virtually impossible odds like many other stories/games.

The Witcher 2 is also extremely linear, with invisible walls everywhere just like a console game. Side quests are mostly meaningless and generic, outside of the story this game has very little going for it. It's definitely enjoyable the first time, as long as you aren't expecting a full RPG.

On a second playthrough you will visit plenty of new, extremely linear and not very detailed areas, but the story variation may be enough to keep you playing. After a second playthrough, there isn't really any story variation left if you made different choices, and the gameplay gets stale during the first playthrough.

RPG aspects were secondary for The Witcher 2. Get it during a sale and expect an interesting, cinematic story-driven game and nothing more. This way, you might actually be impressed by the game. Still, TW2 lowers standards in the RPG genre due to its dumbed down gameplay, reduced story variation compared to other RPGs, one-dimensional character development, but mostly because of its popularity. It's almost like the Call of Duty or Battlefield of RPGs; a lesser, inferior, more casualized game inferior in just about every way, but massively popular. If this keeps up, it might destroy the genre just like Call of Duty destroyed the mainstream FPS genre.

This game is only popular because of its cinematic presentation, which is a current fad these days. Just about any game with well done cinematics is raved about, even when the rest of the game is mediocre or worse. Just look at this game, Tomb Raider, the Uncharted games, and The Last of Us for perfect examples of this. Not only is it cinematic, but it has BOOBS and lots of sex, which also boosts its popularity and makes gamers think that it's a "deep and mature game smile.gif".

To top it off, it's dumbed down and made accessible for everyone aged 8-80; it doesn't provide you with gameplay choices (hence the one class/playstyle and repetitive oversimplified gameplay), which boosts its popularity even more. This franchise now has a massive hype train that everyone is aboard, and the notion that the game is unimpressive is simply inconceivable to them. This also applies to the Battlefield franchise, Call of Duty franchise, and Resident Evil 4.

TW2 is the Battlefield/CoD of RPGs; lowering standards significantly in every aspect to appeal to kids, who then jump on the bandwagon forcing the RPG genre and gaming as a whole in a downward spiral. As a story driven RPG, it's inferior to the likes of Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect which provide a more personal, dynamic story with characters that actually respond to you, making it feel like you're in a real virtual world opposed to just another video game. Plus, TW2 has casual twitch gameplay with only one class and no cool abilities. If this becomes a standard, then it will be safe to say that The Witcher 2 killed off RPG gaming. We aren't there yet, but we're getting there.

This "review" is for anyone with a functioning brain, even though there's a very small amount of such people among gamers. Don't forget to give this a read too, you can never be too educated.


Pros: Plot is excellent, gameplay is simple, yet effective, and graphics are visually stimulating.

Cons: Gameplay can be frustrating, and the game suffers from an archaic quest system.

This is one of my absolute favorite titles in recent years. When I first launched The Witcher 2, I was in awe of its presentation.

The Witcher 2 sets you off as Geralt of Rivia, an amnesia-stricken monster hunter (known as "witchers") who is caught in the midst of a political struggle throughout the world. After being framed for the murder of two kings, Geralt must set out to clear his name, and reestablish balance (unwillingly) across the kingdoms.

Story: The story is fantastic. It is rather unique in nature, and sports a mature setting, one not for the faint of heart. Witcher 2 is deep in lore, offering a rich world that surrounds the player. Top that off with a colorful (and vast) array of characters, decent and scum-alike, and you have a living, breathing world that you can easily get lost within. In a nutshell, It is a beautifully grim tale of murder, lust, and monsters.

Graphics: To this day, The Witcher 2 still sets a precedent for graphics in the industry. Boasting the Red Engine's rendering and depth of field capabilities, it creates a lavish environment filled with color and dynamic lighting. My only issues come from texture resolution and shadow detailing, which I found to be underwhelming. Nonetheless, this game sets a standard that most games should strive for today and will still make most systems bleed to this day.

Gameplay (Combat): The Witcher 2 is a third-person melee combat experience. It is a simple yet effective system of combat that prides itself on evasion and quick striking. It also uses a small variety of spells called "Signs", which allow you to do things like setting traps or knock back enemies. While the mechanics are indeed a bit unique to this series, they require some polishing. Combat is rather repetitive after a while, but also suffers from a decreasing difficulty curve. That is, as you progress in abilities and items, the game becomes easier. This can frustrating, as some of the early enemy types are more difficult than end-game hostiles. This was a slight drawback in the combat portion of the game, although it is minor for my tastes.

Gameplay (Role Playing): The game does utilize RPG mechanics. It has a skill tree, which allows you to upgrade abilities like swordsmanship, alchemy and "Sign" upgrades. There is the ability to use alchemy to craft potions, which can give you bonus stats on a variety of skills. Questing and dialogue are simplistic. Dialogue uses the standard selection screen, which gives you a multitude of different responses. Questing is as simple as doing the requested action. My biggest issue is the navigation in questing. The map is almost useless, as it bloats and is blotched as it is. Plus, there are very few quest markers within the game, which can be unpleasant.

Overall, fantastic experience. Highly recommended for anyone in the RPG field.
Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced PC Game Warner Bros. Studios

Enhanced Edition content: GAME DVDs: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings game on 2 DVDs. WORLD MAP - A map of the game's world. QUEST HANDBOOK The Witcher 2 quest handbook for both novice and experienced role-playing fans. GAME MANUAL - A rulebook and interface explanation to help you get started.

BrandWarner Bros
FeatureSequel to the acclaimed 2007 PC RPG, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings continues the adventures of Geralt of Rivia A complex, expansive and mature adventure with a non-linear story in which every decision may have grave consequences Experience and exceptionally realistic, vast game world, teeming with its own life and distinct locations Spectacular, dynamic, brutal combat system featuring numerous tactical options such as, real-time interactive moves, ranged weapons, traps and bait and non-lethal attacks Exclusive bonus items available only in this Special Edition of the game
LabelWarner Bros
ManufacturerWarner Bros
PlatformWindows Vista Windows 7 Windows XP
PublisherWarner Bros
StudioWarner Bros
TitleThe Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition
ColorOne Color
SizeOne Size
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OperatingSystemWindows 7
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