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Xerox Phaser 8560/N Color Printer

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Pros: Fantastic quality, cheap operation

Cons: Doesn't like to be moved

My small business goes through lots of paper. And after our 3rd cheap-o monochrome laser printer died at ~9000 pages, the phaser was getting on my radar. Looking at cost of printing, it was about the same as a monochrome, especially if you add in the cost of other laser printers' drums, etc. So I splurged and we got this.

I freaking love it! The print quality is incredible -- and it's like wax on the paper. It doesn't smear or come off easily. Note: you can't write on it either, so that can be a gotchya for folks. Leave the area blank where you want to write if inking on the page is a requirement.

Some cons / annoyances:
  • It's chatty. Warming up, it makes lots of noises and clanks and bangs and pops. Don't put it on your desk...
  • It doesn't like being moved. Because it keeps the sticks melted, you're supposed to tell it to shut down to be moved and you have to wait a long time for it to cool. Doing this also wastes like $10 of ink. tongue.gif
  • It kinda smells. It keeps the sticks melted so it always smells a little. I don't mind, but you read reviews. Don't sit next to it.
  • Ours had the issue where to get the maintenance kit out, you have to break the cam. We found a business that repairs these printers and they spoke highly of the Xerox. And the repair wasn't costly.
  • It's HUGE. I mean HUGE. You'll need to design your workspace around it. We put this one on a folding table in the shipping area. Then we put a piece of 1" thick acrylic under it so the printer was on a smooth and level platform.
  • It's really heavy. But that helps when it comes to not moving it.

  • Fast Ink from inktechnologies.com works and is 1/2 the price of Xerox oem ink. We've gone through lots and lots of sticks from them. If there was going to be a problem, we'd have found it.
  • Reliable. It runs the cheap Costco paper through it and the printer just works. Like it's supposed to.
  • It has a built in webserver and has incredible options.
  • Great quality output.

I highly recommend this or its replacement model.
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Xerox Phaser 8560/N Color Printer

Xerox offers a choice of value-packed office devices that deliver the utmost in productivity: The Phaser 8560 printer gives busy workgroups a fast, affordable, easy-to-use color printer that can expand from a desktop model to a four-tray, floor-standing powerhouse; the Phaser 8560MFP multifunction printer adds top-of-the-line copying, scanning and faxing for all your office document needs.

BindingOffice Product
FeatureFastest to first page in its class with a first-page-out time of as fast as 5 seconds in color Lowest price in its class, allows you to buy a high-speed, feature-packed printer at a great price Rich, vibrant colors on everything from cover-weight stock to recycled paper Unique solid ink color technology is only offered by Xerox
TitleXerox Phaser 8560/N Color Printer
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement67799D XER8560N 8560/N-NEW
Item Height14.5 inches
Item Length16 inches
Item Width21 inches
Package Height20.8 inches
Package Length45 inches
Package Weight72.4 pounds
Package Width22 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement095205431308 807027544872
Item Weight71 pounds
Languages - Original LanguageEnglish
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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