Xfx Radeon HD 6750 1GB DDR3 Reviews


Couldn't believe the performance 'till I saw it.!


Pros: Bought it for $50 from Geeks, DX 11, Installation was a snap

Cons: 128 bit memory bus, DDR3 Memory

I found this for $50 bucks on geeks.com when shopping around for a cheap card for my second youngest son's gaming rig. I originally was going to get another Powercolor HD 6570 1gb gddr5 as my 2 other sons' rigs game great on their 24 inch screens with medium to high settings but took a chance on my first xfx purchase for this baby. I was a bit nervous as the ddr3 memory as well as the overall cheap looking cooler and cover design. I also wasn't sure if it was a stripped-down or underclocked 6770 or an overworked 6670/6570 chip..?? He runs a Q6600 cpu in a decent Gigabyte G41 mobo along with a pair of 2gb sticks of "chrome" mushkin ddr 2 800 ram. (both of which were given to me as a gift...
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