Xigmatek Asgard 381

A Review On: Xigmatek ASGARD 381 CCC-AD38BV-U03 Black / Orange Computer Case

Xigmatek ASGARD 381 CCC-AD38BV-U03 Black / Orange Computer Case

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Pros: Light, black matte finish overall, lots of space for fans, can acommodate full sized video cards, decent space for cable management

Cons: Unable to install radiator at the top and at the back of the case without modding

I got the orange-themed Xigmatek Asgard 381 from XigmatekAmerica just this week. The specs below were taken from the Xigmatek website.

Dimension: (W) 195 x (H) 445 x (D) 505 mm (7.68*17.52*19.88 inches)
Drive Bay: 5.25" External x 3
3.5" Internal x 8
2.5" Internal x 1
Cooling System Front Fan: Two 120mm fans optional
Rear Fan: One 80/120mm fan
Preinstalled 1200 RPM 120mm silent fan
Side Fan: Two 120/140mm fans optional
Top Fan: Two 120/140mm fans optional
Panel: USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio in/out x 1

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One thing that I immediately noticed after unboxing is the weight of the case. It is very light! I am used to mid-tower cases built by Cooler Master and Corsair and they typically weigh about 17 lbs or so. But this case is very light but the parts does not feel flimsy at all. The case sports a rugged design, I got the orange themed one and black/orange combo is always a good color. The front panel have orange screens, supports 3 drive bays and you can put two 120mm fans for intake. At the top you have your IO regular panel with power and reset button, audio input and two USB 3.0. There are also spots for two 120mm or 140mm fans.
The back supports one 120mm or 80mm fan, there are 2 openings for water cooling and the pcie spots are held by a retainer instead of thumb screws. On the side we have two spots for again either 120mm or 140 fans. Finally at the bottom there are two cut outs -- one for the psu fan and the other for a 120mm fan. To prevent dust, there is a mesh filter but looks like it can't be removed.

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Sorry for the messy internals. I hurriedly dumped everything in the case just to see if it will all fit.

On the inside, nothing much to say, it is painted black and you have a big cut-out behind the motherboard for easy access. There are 8 slots for 3.5" hard drives, on the specs, it says there is a slot for SSD but I did not pay attention to it because I do not have any spare SSD anyway. Behind the case, there's maybe about half an inch space so there's a little room for you to wiggle out your wiring.

The Good

This is the first budget case that I got so I am not sure how it compares with other budget cases. But overall I felt that Xigmatek did a good job with it. I really like the black matte finish on the inside and outside. I think all cases should be doing this because it just makes the case look so much better than bare metal. Transferring my LGA 775 was painless for the most part, there's plenty of room for me to work with. You have about half and inch space at the back and there are cut-outs where you can route your cables to. If you want to install a full length video card, the Xigmatek Asgard 381 will have no problems with it. Installing my DVD drive and hard drive is also painless thanks to the tool-free design. And again, with 8 spots for fan, you have a lot of options for cooling. Plus the filter at the bottom is also a nice touch. Over all, I had a pretty good experience with the case.

The Bad

Unfortunately, there is always a downside for everything. The case does not come with any fan but I am not sure if it is only the case that was sent to me (Xigmatek's website says it comes with a preinstalled fan). I also noticed that the covers for the PCIE and water cooling slots are strips of metal that you have to pry and once you have them out, there's no way to put it back in. You just throw the covers away. And lastly, what surprised me is that I am unable to install a thin rad with a fan on either the exhaust slot or at the top. I am using a Corsair H60 with one 120mm fan and the space at the top is not enough because the fan (or rad) will hit my motherboard. You can put fans at the top but that's about it. I may look at it closer in the future but at the moment, I was unable to fit the radiator at the top. The exhaust slot is the same, they only way you can mount the rad is to either set the fan as intake and do a push configuation or do a push/pull. I was unable to stick the rad directly to the case because it is hitting the retainer for the PCIE slots.

Is it recommended?

For $39.99 (Newegg) Xigmatek Asgard 381's overall build quality is pretty good. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive cases like side windows but then again, that is not the purpose of this case. Can it compete with other budget cases? It definitely could and if Xigmatek can find a way to put a 120mm fan, it would be much better. Putting my H60 cooler issue aside, the case did everything that I asked it to do and I was able to fit everything in without any issues. So if you are looking for a cheap case with an aggressive style, this may be for you.


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