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A Review On: Xigmatek Dark Knight II SD1283 Night Hawk Edition

Xigmatek Dark Knight II SD1283 Night Hawk Edition

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Pros: Sexy black, mounted fine, good temps, clears RAM

Cons: Couldnt mount any fans on it due to the size constraints of my ITX board. Had to modify mounting bracket.

I bought this heatsink way back in August when I realized I wouldnt have time to watercool my ITX rig before I had to leave for school. I bought it because it was a reasonable price, it was black, and I got a free fan with it with a newegg deal. Mounting wasnt too confusing, although I had to cut off some of the plastic bracket that goes on the back of the mobo. Wasnt enough room to clear the MSATA connector on the back of my Z77E ITX. Honestly I expected this and it wasnt a big deal at all, just clipped it off with some tin snips. LIke another reviewer said, mount the rubber prices on the heatsink, then attach the heatsink to board, then attach fans. The problem I had was there wasnt enough room on either side of the heatsink to mount a fan. On one side, my video card was too close, and on the other side, my 8 pin power would have been covered up. Ok I thought, my 3570k is undervolted anyway (stock speeds, .95 volts), ill just buy one of those thin scythe fans. Well, I ran it fanless and found out it never goes above 45C or so when gaming (Far Cry 3) so I just left it fanless since thats really the most load I put on the CPU. I have been running it like this for like 5 months now and no problems whatsoever. Although my case is a little unique, as this wont fit in most ITX cases, it will still fit in the prodigy etc. Since I expected to have to do a little work to make it fit and nowhere did it say it was supported, I wont take off any 'flames'. Overall very happy with the purchase, I cant say I would recommend it to those using the Z77E ITX, it is working great for me, and would work with the 12mm scythe fans if you needed them. Definitely a 5 flamer for me! smile.gif

Specs: 3570k undervolted, Corsair LP ram, Fractal Array R2 case, Z77E ITX mobo.

update: ghetto rigged a high performace SP120 corsair fan with rubber bands, this thing is a beast and a half. Im at 4.6 GHz on my 3570k and it keeps it around 70C through 6 hours of prime. Another note, the bottom fin touches my Gskill trident X ram, even after I removed the heatsinks. It fits, but I put something in between so it wouldnt scratch the paint. Love this thing!


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