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Pros: extra case around the rad acts as a shroud

Cons: bulky the shroud has the fan mountsso you cant remove it because then you cant mount fans

very good with cooling. If you get the d5 pump with it  then you have to set it to 2 and  adjust it as temps rise but it handles it all with ease. I recommend this.


The AX is a new premium radiator from XSPC. The AX series combines a high performance copper/brass radiator core with a compact and beautifully finished aluminium enclosure. The AX’s core is a high performance evolution of the popular EX radiator series. The core includes advances from the EX series like welded seam tubes and splitter fins, but with a thicker core (21mm vs 16mm) and increased surface area. The radiator core is fitted inside of a 3mm thick, extruded and machined aluminium shell. The screw holes are precision cut by CNC which eliminates misaligned screw holes and gives 3mm of screw thread. The aluminium shell also provides a perfectly flat surface to mount the fans against, which eliminates air gaps and any need for a gasket. All of this comes together to make what we believe is the best PC radiator on the market. - 3mm Thick Aluminium Frame (No aluminium in the flow path) - Copper and Brass Core - Matt Black Painted Core - Black Chrome Plated G1/4″ Ports - RoHS Compliant - Dimensions: 128 x 40 x 286mm (WxDxH) (46mm at ports) - Weight: ~ 867g - Screws: 6-32 UNC - Fans: 2 x 120mm (4x with push/pull)

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Overclock.net › Components › Fans & Heatsinks › Water Cooling › XSPC AX240