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XSPC Razor GTX Titan / 780


Pros: Lots of ports, good quality

As my first WC project, the card was the easiest and went well with no issues. I also brought the backplate for this. My only issue is that it looked like it was bending the PCB near the front but this may just be how the 780's are, Still seems strange having the PCB curve at the front.

Cooling performance is excellent. Around 29 at idle and never gone over 50c yet .LED looks cool. Lots of ports, easy to cross thread them though so you have to be careful. No real issues, the other components were more of a pain. It is very heavy, not an issue since my MB is sitting flat, but if it were vertical might want some extra support there.

Something I would like to see would be a clear section on it so you can see the water running though the block, not sure why the metal plate is even there since its plastic behind it.


Pros: Performance, Build Quality, Durability, Aesthetics

Cons: Weight, Price

I actually wrote a small review and installation guide for this product as part of an assignment for class. The teacher was a middle age woman who had no computer background whatsoever... therefore the report was dummed down and simplified. Because of this a lot of the statements and background are a given or otherwise superfluous... not to mention gross simplifications. To save time (and because she couldn't tell), i borrowed some benchmarks results from various online reviews. But the physical overviews and impressions are certainly original. I have pulled the letter of transmittal, cover page and table of contents from the file to make it a little shorter. Hopefully there will be some useful information in there for anyone considering the block.
BackplateARreviewInstallationGuide.pdf 1641k .pdf file
XSPC Razor GTX Titan / 780

Full Cover GTX Titan and GTX780 Water-Block with multiport connector. We are proud to introduce our new design for Razor GPU blocks. We have continued with the styling from our RayStorm series so you can now have a full set of matching XSPC blocks. We have also significantly improved cooling performance by reducing the fin width from 1mm to 0.5mm, this dramatically increases the surface area. Although we have used an acrylic top for aesthetics we have a thin stainless steel plate between the copper base and the acrylic. This allows us to use LED lighting, while keeping the strength and reliability of an all metal waterblock. The new multiport connector gives you many choices for neatly routing your tubing. We have two G1/4″ ports on the front and back of the block, two on the top, plus a side port, giving 7 ports in total. The multiport connector is compatible with our new SLI flow bridge. CNC machined copper base 0.5mm fins for high performance Stainless steel top Acrylic layer with 3mm LED holes Brushed aluminium faceplate Dimensions: 266.7 x 124.4 x 25mm Prepared for SLI with 7 G1/4″ ports Supports GTX Titan and GTX780 cards (Nvidia reference design only) Supplied with twin LED, mounting kit, G1/4″ plugs, thermal pads and thermal paste

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