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XSPC Xinruilian 120mm 1200 RPM Fan

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Pros: Quiet, Cheap, Solid, Good Performer

Cons: Cable not actually sleeved

Just before I start this review, allow me to point out that:

1. This is an amateur review, with simple figures and the like.
2. I'm reviewing from the UK, where this fan is £2.99 ($5)

This fan has changed my life. That may be a strange way to start, but stick with me and you'll find out why soon enough.

About a year ago, I bought a BitFenix Shinobi XL, and a H100 on a refurb deal for £40. Now, the H100 fans were horrid and the 230mm front fan on the Shinobi didn't have nearly enough static pressure to draw enough air through the restrictive air vents at the front. So, with about £20 available, I needed to find about six decent 120mm fans. I seached high and low and came across a fan known as the Yate Loon D12SL 1350 rpm. I liked it, and at £4.50 a pop it was good value. However, I decided that there must be something cheaper.

After a few more hours searching, it came down to a straight fight between the Coolermaster 120mm fans that are about £3.50 each, and the XSPC Xinruilian 1200. Knowing I needed static pressure, I opted for the XSPC fans because they were made by XSPC and XSPC made radiators. That was my logic behind these fans because at the time I had no idea about proper watercooling.

And I'm glad that I had no idea, because with £20 worth of fans I literally transformed my PC. Temps were down, noise was decreased - it was great. The fans themselves are really solid little units, with proper Sleeve bearings that work in any orientation (according to XSPC, at least). The fans aren't actually made by XSPC, they're made by a Chinese company called Xinruilian, and another thing to note is that the cables aren't actually sleeved - they came as bare wires and a white connector, although that may be just the UK (I did order more a few weeks ago, also unsleeved).

In terms of actual temperatures, I noted these down ages ago and finally have somewhere to put them - and after having some Yate Loon 1350s 'donated' I also have enough of those to make a direct comparison.

All below readings were taken from a Shinobi XL. YL and XSPC fans were tested in a 2x Front, 1x Bottom, 1x Back and 2x Top Rad configuration on a H100. GPU fan was locked at 30%.

Yate Loon: CPU: 37C idle, 55C load, GPU: 34C idle, 78C load.
XSPC: CPU: 37C idle, 54C load, GPU: 34C idle, 76C load.

That's right. Lower RPM XSPC fans were able to beat higher RPM Yate Loon fans. Guess those lovely Xin' blades do just the trick!

So yeah, that's it really. Want a fan that can beat anything in the sub-£10 price range? Get these. I loved them, and so will you.*

*This is not a guarantee.
XSPC Xinruilian 120mm 1200 RPM Fan

These fans are excellent for case fan usage, as well as being ideal for heatsinks and radiators due to their higher static pressure rating compared to similarly priced fans. A higher speed version (1650RPM) with higher static pressure is also available for more demanding cooling setups. This fan is ideal for setups requiring a quality fan with a lower noise level while maintaining sufficient cooling. *Note: These fans are marketed by XSPC without retail packaging or accessories (mounting screws are not included).*

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureDimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm Fan Speed: 1,200 RPM, Noise Level: 22 dBA, Airflow: 48.3 CFM Rated Voltage: 12V, Operating Voltage Range: 6.0 - 13.8V Static Air Pressure: 1.0mm H20 (0.039in H20) Cable Length: 45cm (Black Sleeved), Connector: 3-Pin
TitleXSPC Xinruilian 120mm 1200 RPM Fan
ProductGroupPC Accessory
UPCList - UPCListElement687516100044
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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