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Pros: 27 inch IPS Display, Overclockable to 120hz

Cons: 120hz not available on 5xx cards, wobbly stand, no speakers or OSD

So here's my review of the Yamakasi Catleap 2B or the Overclock Edition. At a total cost of $555, it's easily the cheapest 1440p 27" IPS screen out there. But this does come with a potential downfall; the screens are only rated A- (meaning they have a certain allowance for stuck/dead pixels), and the monitor itself is a very basic construction.

The glossy black finish of the Catleap 2B is much like Samsung, with a approximately 2 inch thick bezel on the bottom, and 1" for the top and sides. The monitor has only a single DVI-DL input. Although the screen deceptively has volume controls, there are no speakers to be found. The brightness controls on the monitor do work, but that's it in terms of controls (no OSD sorry folks). The Catleap 2B comes with what might be the worst stand I've ever had/seen on a monitor, and slight vibrations on the desk cause it to wobble, scaring the bejesus out of me at times. I've read that it is possible to use a VESA monitor mount after removing the silver backing, but I've decided to try my luck with it for now.

On to the reason why to buy this monitor; it's ability to overclock. While previous Catleap monitors have been able to overclock refresh rates to around 100 hz, the 2B edition can on average achieve 120hz (with some reaching as high as 135hz), making it (I think at least) the only 27" IPS monitor with 120hz. To activate 120hz, NVIDIA users need simply apply a pixel clock patcher unlock (made by ToastyX), while AMD users have modified drivers. After that, all you gotta do is go to your NVIDIA CP and select a custom resolution and set your settings to get it to 120hz. Getting to 120hz was easy enough, a quick search gave me a post showing some reccomended settings from one user that worked just fine. Unfortunately older NVIDIA cards (5xx and earlier) are not able to reach 120hz due to the max pixel clock limitations, allowing only for a maximum of I believe 102 hz.

The quality of the screen is surprisingly good for the price. The viewing angles are fantastic, and my model came with no stuck/dead pixels and just about no backlight bleed as well (one of the lucky) and I have to say it is easily one of, if not the nicest screen I've ever used. It may not necessarily match up with a Dell, but for nearly half the price I'm more than fine with that. The screen does seem to exhibit the SLIGHTEST bit of blue tinge out of hte box, but a custom color profile is available.

So overall verdict on the 2B: 4.5 Stars. This monitor is absolutely fantastic, and for the price you will find absolutely nothing better. Being able to have both the beautiful colors and viewing angles of an IPS display with 120hz is fantastic, especially for you FPS players out there. The crappy monitor mount is the only reason I've taken off half a star for this product, it really shouldn't be that hard for them to make a decent stand.

Yamakasi Catleap 2B Exclusive to 120hz.net. Standard Yamakasi Catleap with upgraded 2B PCB to allow for 120hz overclocking.

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