Zalman Z3 Plus


Pros: Cheap, Good look, has 4 prebuild fans, built in fan controller is nice, a lot of space for cable managing, supports long graphics cards, Front USB 3.

Cons: Prebuild fans are bad (but they are quiet though), No side fan slot, front and top covers greatly reduce airflow to the fans. Very tall.

Note - I got the Zalman Z3 (Not Plus, but they are almost the same except the side panel)


Pros: Many fans, looks just awesome, lots of useful features.

Cons: The front plate seems easily bendable, so are the side panels. Thick filters in front.

My first PC build, and this is the case I got.
It seems roomy, with great cable management (though, in order to really use the space, the bottom of the two 5.25" bays has to be used, using the top one will block your cables). The mobo holder screws are already on there, and I love the way the toolless 5.25" bays function. There are zip ties, a speaker and lots of cables, plus some weird sticks that are said to hold HDDs.

Basically every fan but the back one has a filter on it, but the front plate has a weird foam all over it that functions as a filter. Though the fans seem to do their job, I fear that they may not be reaching their full air-pulling potential, given the (relatively thick) foam.

As another owner already said, this can be fixed with buying better fans, but then again, you could be creative and tear the foam off. Or just buy different fans.

All in all, a great case, which, with all its features, could be considered high-end.


Pros: Looks, Features & Size

Cons: Thick Air Filters & Weak Standard fans.

Josh's Zalman Z3 Plus Review.

The Zalman Z3 Plus looks to be stacked with features from first glance, but upon building & using the case the features slowly fade away and you're left with just a chassis.

I spent a while looking for a new case to replace my old and worn out Antec 300. I looked low and high from a price point of $50 to $200, The Zalman Z3 Plus was the once case that throughout the whole search I had my eyes on, and for just $59 it was a total steal. The case is amazing, I have seen so many cases throughout my searches but I feel this is by far the best looking case I saw.

One major thing that stuck out to me were the 4 fans; that came standard. These fans are 'Horrible' they struggle to pull/push air through the thick Air filters provided. Making these fans pretty much useless; I'm running the case without the face plate so I can get some air flow. This is a pretty simple fix by replacing the standard fans with some nice custom fans; but this does add to the value and I'm yet to do this. There's not much to say about the fan controller either, it's a 2 channel and 2 speed controller, but it doesn't seem to work. When changing from Low to High I can't hear, feel or see and difference.

When I received my Z3 it looked to be quite small at least compared to the bulky Antec 300. I can't really say this is much of a problem due to the fact everything still fits. I'm running a Micro ATX motherboard but I'm sure a Standard ATX would fit just fine. The cable management looks to be good, but it's my first case with management so I'm not really able to compare it but I got all the cables hidden and it looks fantastic, but I found myself stuffing the excess cables in the HDD slots to keep them out of site.

The case comes with 7 PCI slot that are tacked on and can't be replace once removed, but they do there job I guess. Your given 4 3.5" HDD bays and a place to mount a 2.5" SSD above all that. I kind of feel limited to the fact I only have 2 5.25" drive bays (DvD drive & Fan Controller) and I'm left with a 3.5" bay that for some reason can't be swapped back to a 5.25" bay; at least without a grinder. The window gives a clean feel too and it's amazing being able to look in and admire my hardware.

The look of the case in my eyes is simply Amazing, I really couldn't find anything to beat it. The Face plate and top panel is plastic but the rest is Aluminium. I don't find the plastic to be a bad thing, as it still looks great with and I doubt the features of the plastic could be replicated with metal. The case lacks any real way of carrying it and is definitely a task to do so. The case also has a lot of room for a GPU and a large CPU air cooler, it fits my Coolermaster V8 cooler; just.

To sum it up it's an amazing looking case that will perform great with some aftermarket fans. If your not worried to spend a little more than you bargained for it's defiantly something to look at. Just remember you're going to be looking at 2x Front fans and 2x Top fans. I'm sure any small problems you find can be fixed with some simple modification. I'll need to fit a 240mm Rad in it soon anyway, that or i'll keep it outside.
Zalman Z3 Plus

This is the Zalman Z3 Plus edition case.

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