Zotac 590 GTX Reviews


One of the best Dual GPU cards out there


Pros: Quiet, Fast, Can handle anything thrown at it

Cons: Sli issues, not greatly OCable

I've been using the Zotac GTX 590 GPU for the last few months and can not be happier. As of now, the GPU is the fastest dual chip card out there. I played pretty much every game you can think of including Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Metro 2033 and I have yet to see the card underperforming. The 590 has 2 GPU cores that are found in the 580 series cards but these GPU cores on the 590 are downclocked and not as powerful as a 580. However when two of these cores gets together and become a single GPU, what you have is the fastest card in the market as of now. Even the GTX 680 performs 5-10% slower than a 590 if both GPUs are not Overclocked. Though it is not a secret that when 680 is OCed it...
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