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Zowie Gear AM-GS


Pros: Flawless sensor (A3090) - Realtively lightweight - Low LOD - No drivers - Perfect cord - Scroll whell is ok

Cons: "Low" DPI count - Weird DPI stages - Maybe a bit "fat" in the bottom - Not as customizable as other mice

I wanted a mouse, that was light, sort of small, with a flawless sensor, and realiable, I think I found it. I play TF2 (Comeptitive) and i´m playing now at 450 DPI and 4.25 sens, no accel.
So, let´s talk about my impressions :

Packaging : The usual, an extra set of feet, and a nice Zowie sticker.

: Seems solid, but it´s not as flashy as other mice on the market, almost looks lame, but it´s like a serious gaming mouse.

Buttons :
M1 and M2 are not as stiff as lots of people say. Seriously, you must have pretty weak fingers if you think that this buttons are too stiff. M4-M5 are ok, but I don´t use them tongue.gif

Scroll wheel : A bit loose, but enoughly stiff to change weapons confidently. I like it. M3 is ok too, won´t change weapons accidentaly while pressing it.

Glossy sides : Nice touch, looks better, grips better, and can´t complain about it.

Shape : A bit "fat" on the bottom, but I don´t have any problems with it, it feels comfy on my hand, and way better than my old laptop mouse. I play mainly with fingertip style, and feels great.

Feet : Very good, glides very smoothly on my Razer Goliathus Speed pad. I don´t see any rub on the body of the mouse.

DPI button : Located at the bottom, it´s ok, I don´t need at all on-the-fly DPI changes. Easy to use, driverless.

Polling adjust : Just plug the mouse while pressing M4-M5 or M4+M5 to adjust it. Easy. I´m using it now at 1027 hz. I don´t get the complains about the unstable HZ.

Sensor : No accel, no prediction. Tracks well, and I stopped suffering from horrible negative acceleration. Just as good as I expected

LOD : Low, but not retardly low. It´s perfect, it helps me to keep my aim stable.

Cord :
Perfect, very flexible, soft, thick. Gold-coated USB plate, what else you need?

Now, about the DPI stages, I tought that they were "bad", but I just used a sensititvy convertor, and got my old 2.52 sens @800 DPi at 4.23 @450 DPI. I got used to it very quickly, people seems to be too whiny sometimes.
And overall, I like it at all, just what I wanted. I´m glad that I didn´t bought the G500, I think that the AM is just, enoughly heavy for me, and the G500 it´s by far, heavier than it.
I finally can flick without problems, and rocket jump without end looking at the wall or at the floor.
I will keep updating this with the time, but I´m so happy with the mouse for now. Maybe a bit useless now, because the FK is replacing the AM, but whatever.
Zowie Gear AM-GS

It´s the same mouse as the AM, but with Glossy sides. DPI : 450 / 1100 / 2300 Polling rate : 125 - 500 - 1000 (Default) Ambidextrous desing. Buttons can be reversed A3090 sensor No angle snapping, no acceleration Low LOD Huano switches. 5 button design.

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