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Zowie EC2-A Competitive Gaming Mouse review - by Ino

A Review On: ZOWIE GEAR EC2-A Gaming Mouse

ZOWIE GEAR EC2-A Gaming Mouse

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Pros: Great sensor, good build quality, low lift-off distance, very good coating, ergonomic shape, crisp main buttons, perfect cable

Cons: Side buttons have pre-travel, no fine adjustments to CPI steps


Today I will be reviewing the new EC2-A by Zowie, the latest iteration of their EC series.



The box is a new one for Zowie. In fact it is rather similar to the box my NAOS 7000 came in, only all white with just the logo.

What's included:
- Zowie EC2-A
- Pair of extra mousefeet
- Sticker
- Manual










Weight & Shape

The shape is exactly the same as the previous EC2 mice. The Dimensions can be seen in these official pictures by Zowie.

Weight is said to be 93 g which seems correct, as it is roughly the same as the FK1 I have sitting beside it.

Number of buttons: 5 (plus dpi toggle on the bottom)






Comparison pic, left to right: Zowie FK1, Logitech G302, Zowie EC1 eVo CL, Zowie EC2-A, Razer Deathadder 3G, Logitech G100s

Now some pictures how I hold the mouse:




For comparison: My hand is around 19.5 cm from the tip of my middle finger to the base.

The EC2 definitely fits me better than the EC1, it doesn't tilt and is easier to lift. As I use a palm-claw hybrid that was to be expected.

Of course shape is completely individual preference, so everyone has to try for himself in the end. The perfect shape for me might be horrible for others. So please keep the pictures of my grip in mind for comparison.

Sensor / Performance

Like in their FK1 Zowie now also uses the 3310 in their new EC line. And it performs just like you'd expect from a 3310. The perfect control speed is well past 5 m/s for every cpi step and both 500 and 1000 Hz. It also seems to be very accurate, just look at the 0's in the jitter test screens, at least on 400 and 800 CPI, those were all from first try. So at least for my grip it's spot on out of the box.

There was one weird thing though: On 1600 and 3200 CPI after the fast swipes the cursor was dead for 1-2 second after reaching the malfunction speed. This did not happen on 400 or 800 CPI. So this is something to watch out for, although I doubt anyone ever reaches malfunction speed on this in game.

I will not judge any "feeling" of the cursor here as that is something that can't be measured objectively. To me it feels very good, but so did almost every 3310 so far.
MouseTester screencaps for all settings at 1000 Hz (Click to show)
LOD was standard.
The real dpi for each setting can be seen in the mouse tester print.

400 cpi, 1000 Hz

800 cpi, 1000 Hz

1600 cpi, 1000 Hz

3200 cpi, 1000 Hz

CPI steps
Jitter tests (Click to show)




Speed related accuracy variancet

Seems to be spot on.

Lift Off Distance

Very low, as is to be expected from Zowie. Out of the box it has less than 1CD LOD on my UC 50.
You can also alter the LOD like you could on the FK1 by pressing different buttons while connecting the mouse via USB. It's explained on Zowies FAQ site for the EC-A series.
With the high LOD option I get around 2 CD LOD.

Buttons / Switches / Scroll Wheel

The EC2-A uses Huano switches like all Zowies. However on the EC2-A they are lighter to press than on my FK1. It's still a very distinct click. The scroll wheel is a 24 notch wheel, and so far it did not skip for me once, unlike previous Zowie mice. The mold seems to be fixed to, as the pinch-up-and-scroll works too. The haptic of the scroll wheel is fine and light.

The button lag for the main buttons is definitely reduced compared to the FK1, here are my results for the EC2-A (A) vs the G302 (B). THe G302 still wins, but it's not by as much as against the FK1 which was around 15 ms slower than the G302.


The side buttons are very bad though. Mouse4 (the "back" button) has at least 1 mm of pre travel before the switch is actuated, that is kind of annoying. Mouse5 has much less of that.

Build Quality

Zowie like, so very good. The cord is rubber like all Zowies, the best cables in my opinion. It is flexible and this time it also is a bit thinner than the older cables. The coating is similar to the previous EC eVo CL, which is a lot more smooth than my FK1, that one felt a bit more rough.


I'm very pleased with the new EC2-A, the smaller form factor is definitely better for my grip. Out of all ergonomic mice this one comes closest to what I want so far. If the side buttons were better it would get 5 stars from me.


Do you have an FK2 to check button lag for this one too?
pretty good and complete review, as always, good job Ino.
Thanks Ino. Mods should of left this in the mouse section though. Anyway hopefully get mine soon.
Thanks. Yes mods should have definitely left it..had no idea this was up
Thanks for the review. I think you should have compared it to the EC2 eVo CL more so than the FK (though I know that is the mouse you use). For instance you mention that the side buttons are bad, but I take it they're no different from the CLs. As far as I can gather, the only thing changed from the CL is the sensor.
Does it have a better sensor than the DeathAdder 2013/Chroma?
pretty sure it does, ye
The link describing liftoffchanges isn't working so here it is: If you want to change the lift-off distance, please one of the following methods:

If you feel the lift-off distance is too low:
Please disconnect the mouse and hold down M4 + M1 + M2 and then connect the mouse through USB

If you feel the lift-off distance is too high:
Please disconnect the mouse, hold down M4 + M1 and then connect the mouse through USB

If you want to back to standard setting !
Please disconnect the mouse, hold down M5 + M1 and then connect the mouse through USB

If you are using ZOWIE SWIFT
Please disconnect the mouse, hold down M4 + M2 and then connect the mouse through USB
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