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Zowie Gear Evo EC2


Pros: Flawless tracking, extra teflon feet, good shape, claw-palm grip accordingly to your hand size, good scroll, plug-n-play, good cable

Cons: price, sensitive to colour of mousepad, unstable HZ, but cant be felt in game

Mouse has tracking troubles on multi-coloured pads, If you has small-medium hands it is palm or claw grip mouse. For large handed people only claw, go and buy ec1 if you want to palm.


Pros: -flawless tracking -quality fabricate -high comfort coating -excellent gliding on cloth -ultra low LOD

Cons: -price -possibly too small for you -strange dpi steps

The EC2 Evo is the smaller brother of the EC1 - a mouse coming with a flawless avago 3090.
Its smooth, its comfortable, its well designed with quality parts, it works extremely well. This is the perfect FPS mouse for people with small or medium sized hands as I think it is intended to be palm-gripped. I guess it would also work very well being claw-gripped.
It is truly an underdog.. I dont see it very often, though it is pretty much flawless and certainly levels above stupid Senseis, Kones and whatnot.

However it is too small for my personal taste so I will exchange mine for an EC1 now. Hope it will fit my hand better.


Pros: +Great tracking +Cable won't fray +Soft touch finish.

Cons: -Finger remnants.

Can't speak for the longevity of this item, as I have only owned it a short time. However it tracks great and doesn't appear like it will run into issues like some of my other mice. Since the cable is not braided, it cannot fray, yet the finish is unlike traditional wires, it still seems high quality: thick, yet flexible. The mouse is driverless, so no twiddling with drivers. Lastly there is no thumbrest held on with goop that will eventually fall off.

In term of performance it tracks incredibly smooth. The shape is comfortable for those with smaller hands. If you consider yourself to have large hands, opt for the EC1 eVo. Overall seems well worth the price.

I have gotten used to the mouse 4+5 placement and no longer see it as a con. But I have noticed if i put the mouse under intense light I can see the remnants of where my fingers reside on the left and right click buttons. Docked .5 stars. Now 4/5.

Update 2:
Small amount of optical light bleeds through the scroll wheel
Scroll wheel lighting is not 100% uniform

Update 3:
The White version of this mouse has glossy plastic and no finger remnants will be visible like on the black soft touch model.
Highly recommend the white version. It is close to perfect, One of my favorite mice.
Zowie Gear Evo EC2

1.5 mm lift-off distance - one of the lowest on the market to date. One of the primary features of the ZOWIE EC-series is the lift-off distance. ZOWIE EC-series has made it possible to create one of the lowest lift-off distance currently available in any optical mouse on the market - 1.5 mm. 1,000Hz USB Report Rate - plug and play with 1.000Hz. Most optical mice are 125Hz which can be artificially raised to 500 – 1,000Hz through driver installations. The ZOWIE EC mice were the first optical mice to introduce 1,000 Hz from standard, without any installation of drivers. Improved mouse wheel. The mouse use an optical encoder instead of the cheaper traditional mechanical system and added a new optimized rolling system developed by ZOWIE, which ensures that the mouse wheel is the most durable and precise mouse wheel on the market today. DPI-adjustment. Adjusting DPI on the fly is not really an innovative feature, but ZOWIE decided to put it on the mouse anyway, as it's important for a gamer to be able to optimize the settings to create the perfect feeling when playing.

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