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Zowie Gear Gaming Mouse Pad (P-SR)

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Pros: Distinctive look, Mid-size

Cons: Blue color may turn people off

I consider myself a casual gamer based on time I see other put in around OCN. I enjoy trying out new mice and pads for fun occasionally, I recently found the ZA12. If I can, I like pairing new mice with a gaming pad from the same company if it's worthy. Coming prior from the QCK+ mainly, I've been using the Taito mid-size 3mm exclusively for the last two years paired with a Savu and KPO.

I decided to first try the Zowie CM which I found had issues laying flat with it's flexible plastic / rubber base that kept curling. My first reaction to Zowie mouse pads was not a good experience. Preferring cloth pads I decided to give one more pad a try, the P-SR.

P-SR laid flat out of the box and only required some pressing with my hand to force it to lay. No having to spray bottom of pad with water to get it to stick and no weight required for 24 hrs to flatten it like other pads I've had. The rubber base feels smooth, of high quality, with good grip when laid on surface and doesn't move. See pic below of density on this base and you can see a difference that is felt.

If you've read a review on the Zowie S-SR pad then you've read the review about the P-SR being a smaller version of same 'SR' series. I've been using the P-SR for a week now so I cannot say anything on durability. I haven't spilled anything on it to tell you about how it cleans up or long enough to talk about fraying. Taito is slicker and was pretty spill resistant when I spilled lemonade on it. Feels like the SR series is made of high quality cloth and I have a good feeling about it.

Thickness is same between both S and P sizes of SR series. I have found the length and width perfectly fine gaming and am able to stay on the pad easily without running out of space like I did my Puretrak Stealth on occasion.

Rubbing my hand across the pad it feels softer with more friction than my QCK+. SR feels like a fast pad in comparison but not as fast as QCK+. Cloth is nicely woven to a smooth consistency and feels very nice when my wrist lays on it. Personally I feel this pad has great control, and makes for a sweet low sensitivity 'blue' cloth pad.

Which brings me to discuss the blue color, your going to like or not care for it being blue. Aesthetically may clash with your system and may not be for you. One of the reasons I always stick to all black cloth pads with logos on sides, just matches anything. The blue has a blackish tint inside it and depending on lighting may look like darker blue.

Which brings me to the second caveat of this pad with finding a small white Zowie logo placed dead smack in the middle. What were they thinking, was my first reaction. I've found this does not cause any problems or effect the mouse sensor. Nothing scientifically but my sensor isn't going bonkers or losing track passing or directly on top of it. It's nicely embedded inside the cloth and made of the same cloth material. Logo doesn't look like will wear over time or if washed. Consistency over the logo is the same anywhere else when swiping on the pad. My desktop with blue led keyboard matches SR series nicely and the logo in the middle give it some character over my other pads.

Zowie does not offer other different thicknesses in these two sizes for those with different preference. S-SR covers large pads like Puretrak Talent, Roccat Taito King-Size, SS QCK+ while the P-SR fits mid sized pads for people who prefer or are forced to have smaller foot prints on their desk tops. I cannot give it a higher rating until I know more about durability.

The blue color for some may be a deal breaker. I think this mouse pad has a very distinctive 'adult' look without over blown colors, splashy logos, but still reminds you of serious gaming pad when you see your mouse on it. Pairs nicely with any optical mouse. I can recommended it as an alternative to black cloth pads easily thumb.gif

Click pic to see larger view and close up of fiber.

QCK / Taito Midsize / P-SR Comparison (Click to show)
Bottom to top: QCK+ / Taito Midsize / P-SR


G-SR: 480 x 400 x 3.5 mm / 18.9 x 15.7 x 0.14 inch

P-SR: 355 x 315 x 3.5 mm / 14.0 x 12.4 x 0.14 inch

Update: July 7, 2015: Zowie announced a Dark Gray version of the G-SR. exclamation.gif

Update: Zowie has since released a dark gray version G-SR DG. thumb.gif


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