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Pros: Sensor 3310, no drivers or software required, no LED's

Cons: Pricey, scroll wheel needs improvement

Please see ZA 13 Review on my first thoughts on the ZA line of mice.


ZA12 Pictures (Click to show)

Playing with the Zowie ZA 13 for five weeks now, I noticed I was getting slight hand cramp when gaming that exceeded two hours. I could use it as a desktop mouse all day long or game short durations with no problems but gaming my hand is tense and longer periods I felt the 13 might be too small from initial reaction. I really like the feel of the ZA shape in my hand and as we know form factor of a mouse to each of us is subjective. I decided to give the ZA 12 size a try rather a different mouse entirely.

Right away when I placed my hand on the ZA 12 the difference was evident enough, though what seems somewhat minuscule between 13 and 12 size, it filled my hand better. Already liking the shape, sensor, cord, and coating the size was icing on the cake, I couldn't wait to try it out.

Size difference in hand pics (Click to show)

So if you've read my ZA13 review linked above this basically spills over. I did get a chance to game and it felt much more comfortable immediately. I did not experience any hand cramp after a few hour session of 'Wolfstien New Order', my newest game I just purchased. My hybrid claw into palm grip and control of the mouse when I game feels just right and more natural than before. My hands are 18cm. I still have control over the mouse in fast movements, or picking it up during swiping.

I have to say I'm impressed that Zowie has created a line of mice in different sizes using the same shape. As we know one size does not fit all but the shape can and if the ZA ambidextrous with high end butt torward rear does it for you, then it's only a matter of finding the right fit.

I've had enough time now with the blue Huanon switches that I don't even realize it and I've come accustomed to it. I mostly FPS and the slight stiffer clicks is becoming a preference of choice over Omron mushy switches for this particular scenario.

I found the scroll wheel the same across the ZA line. Not the best scroll wheel on the market but definitely nothing that has hindered me in anyway. I guess it depends on how you use it. I give it a little less rating in quality in build than my Savu, but even the Savu scroll wheel isn't as good as my KPO or the KPM that house a great scroll wheel.

Some have found the mouse feet provided a bit thin, for those people, you may double up with the extra pair zowie provides. Another alternative are Hyperglides as replacement, which I provided pictures below.

I'm not discriminating against the switches but I am still taking off half a star for the scroll wheel needing to be worked on by Zowie, otherwise this would be the perfect mouse all the way around 'for me'.

It's my new main mouse. I went from really liking the ZA13 to loving the ZA12. I'm glad I gave a different size a try. I hope this over view helps you figure out which size out of the three is best for you without having to purchase two of them to find out like I did. I'm now positive I would have not like the ZA11 in size based on my hand size. At the moment I'm thinking where has the ZA12 been all my life? smile.gif

ZA 12 & 13 Pics (Click to show)

NOTE: Click latency issue had been fixed prior to ZA series release. thumb.gif
NOTE: FK series mouse skates are the same and fit the ZA11 & ZA12 only. thumb.gif

ZA12 Specification (Click to show)

ZA12 weighs 85g

• Ambidextrous mouse developed for palm and claw grip usage

• Two thumb buttons on both sides to comfortably serve left- and right-handed users

• Plug and Play (no drivers needed)

• Easy to switch between left- and right-hand functionality

• 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI adjustment

• Adjustable USB report rate 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz

• Perfect lift-off distance = 1.5 ~ 1.8mm

• Operating system: Win2000/XP/VISTA/7/8; Mac OS X v10.2 after

Hyperglide Pics! (Click to show)



Looks like the ZA11 will definitely be my next mouse. Thanks for the review
one thing i dont like is that the mouse feels plasticy cheap :/
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