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It has a hard drive with Windows XP..."threadWed, 27 Jul 2016 11:41:26 +0000RoboXWed, 27 Jul 2016 11:41:26 +0000#89452553Is Installing/Setting up an OEM HDD any different?http://www.overclock.net/t/1607052/is-installing-setting-up-an-oem-hdd-any-different "So found one on eBay going cheap but I was curious as too if it's more difficult or any..."threadWed, 27 Jul 2016 11:16:17 +0000VulcanVFXWed, 27 Jul 2016 11:16:17 +0000#89452460Recommend me a PSUhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1607038/recommend-me-a-psu "Hi guys, My rig is in my sig. My PSU is getting on a bit now and just thought maybe I..."threadWed, 27 Jul 2016 04:44:18 +00008564danWed, 27 Jul 2016 04:44:18 +0000#89450967 Is it possible to take out the 256GB SSD from my Lenovo U300s ultrabook and put it into my desktop PC?http://www.overclock.net/t/1607035/is-it-possible-to-take-out-the-256gb-ssd-from-my-lenovo-u300s-ultrabook-and-put-it-into-my-desktop-pc "The laptop lasted me a good 4.5 years, but it's now faulty and I do not see the point..."threadWed, 27 Jul 2016 03:16:18 +0000hsjj3Wed, 27 Jul 2016 03:16:18 +0000#89450664Non-Modular PSU Questions!http://www.overclock.net/t/1607033/non-modular-psu-questions "So I've never really dealt with a non-modular PSU but I'm doing a budget build for a..."threadWed, 27 Jul 2016 03:01:11 +0000VulcanVFXWed, 27 Jul 2016 03:01:11 +0000#89450619 How big is the difference between 802.11 WiFi vs a 10/100/1000 ethernet via USB 3.0 adapter vs Gigabit ethernet via a USB-C (thunderbolt) adapterhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1607029/how-big-is-the-difference-between-802-11-wifi-vs-a-10-100-1000-ethernet-via-usb-3-0-adapter-vs-gigabit-ethernet-via-a-usb-c-thunderbolt-adapter "Thanks in advance for the help. Unfortunately, I can't test these things my self."threadWed, 27 Jul 2016 01:53:22 +0000wermcranWed, 27 Jul 2016 01:53:22 +0000#89450298Slow Speeds 950 Pro and Rampage Extreme IV http://www.overclock.net/t/1607022/slow-speeds-950-pro-and-rampage-extreme-iv "Was able to get Windows 10 installed and drivers installed as well. Samsung Magician..."threadWed, 27 Jul 2016 00:19:06 +0000edman911Wed, 27 Jul 2016 00:19:06 +0000#89449850[POLL] What refresh rates we running at OCN? http://www.overclock.net/t/1607018/poll-what-refresh-rates-we-running-at-ocn "I'm curious. 60Hz+ LCDs have become a lot more common in the past three years, at least..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 23:57:42 +0000ikjadoonTue, 26 Jul 2016 23:57:42 +0000#89449742 Anyone have experience with 30hz monitor? What's it like for browsing the web and watching videos (including 4k videos)?http://www.overclock.net/t/1607016/anyone-have-experience-with-30hz-monitor-whats-it-like-for-browsing-the-web-and-watching-videos-including-4k-videos "Thanks for the help. Bonus question: Anyone know where I can get a USB-C to HDMI 2.0..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 23:39:33 +0000wermcranTue, 26 Jul 2016 23:39:33 +0000#89449609Proper setup for gaming files on my 2nd 1TB HDDhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1607011/proper-setup-for-gaming-files-on-my-2nd-1tb-hdd "I have been running my OS on my primary SSD and it works great. I quickly ran out of..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 22:25:14 +0000bleuborshTue, 26 Jul 2016 22:25:14 +0000#89449224Mouse button 4/5 problemhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1607010/mouse-button-4-5-problem "hello guys i bought a cheap gaming mouse and installed x-mouse button control to set..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 21:41:09 +0000dassanTue, 26 Jul 2016 21:41:09 +0000#89449023A little problemhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1607009/a-little-problem "I just got a new naos 7000 (My old one broke) and everytime i lift my mouse off the..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 21:34:03 +0000MeLikPieTue, 26 Jul 2016 21:34:03 +0000#89448983Problem with my XB271HUhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1607008/problem-with-my-xb271hu "Hello, I have a problem with my XB271HU, When g-sync is on or when i switch to 144hz..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 21:19:28 +0000DreaM71Tue, 26 Jul 2016 21:19:28 +0000#89448895Roccat Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Keyboard (Brown) bought for peanuts, Tips and tricks pls?http://www.overclock.net/t/1607007/roccat-ryos-mk-pro-mechanical-keyboard-brown-bought-for-peanuts-tips-and-tricks-pls "Hi there, believe it or not, I just picked this keyboard up for £4 ... (about 6..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 21:15:38 +0000Darkstar82Tue, 26 Jul 2016 21:15:38 +0000#89448871TLC, the new end of the world???http://www.overclock.net/t/1606999/tlc-the-new-end-of-the-world "So After being scammed on eBay and being given a 840 EVO instead of the 850 EVO i payed..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 20:29:03 +0000cdoublejjTue, 26 Jul 2016 20:29:03 +0000#8944846924 pin not long enough, new PSUhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606998/24-pin-not-long-enough-new-psu "The placement of the 24 pin coming out of the PSU is different than my current PSU..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 20:23:18 +0000OCmemberTue, 26 Jul 2016 20:23:18 +0000#89448415SSD won't boot unless I go into bios and press boot override.http://www.overclock.net/t/1606996/ssd-wont-boot-unless-i-go-into-bios-and-press-boot-override "Hi guys, As the titles says, I have taken all my hard drives out and made sure that my..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 20:15:16 +0000Recr3ationalTue, 26 Jul 2016 20:15:16 +0000#89448359FreeSync second monitor with GSync primary?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606993/freesync-second-monitor-with-gsync-primary "Kind of an odd question, but I am wondering if I will get any issues with buying a..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 19:54:00 +0000VizkosTue, 26 Jul 2016 19:54:00 +0000#8944819875 hz DVIhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606988/75-hz-dvi "Ok, so I got one little problem. Today i bought a dvi cable cause I'm stressed of..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 19:04:46 +0000serdaweTue, 26 Jul 2016 19:04:46 +0000#89447865Can someone please suggest a nice blue tooth mouse with L+R click, back and forward buttons, vertical scrolling and two other buttons that I can program (like a left-right horizontal scrolling)http://www.overclock.net/t/1606986/can-someone-please-suggest-a-nice-blue-tooth-mouse-with-l-r-click-back-and-forward-buttons-vertical-scrolling-and-two-other-buttons-that-i-can-program-like-a-left-right-horizontal-scrolling "thanks so much"threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 19:03:14 +0000wermcranTue, 26 Jul 2016 19:03:14 +0000#89447839Cheap/Reliable Replacement for Haswell HP Elitebookhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606983/cheap-reliable-replacement-for-haswell-hp-elitebook "I purchased a dozen used Haswell HP Elitebooks on eBay for a really great price. These..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 18:36:58 +0000vbman213Tue, 26 Jul 2016 18:36:58 +0000#89447667EVGA 850W G2 vs EVGA 1000W GQ for GTX 980 ti SLI ?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606975/evga-850w-g2-vs-evga-1000w-gq-for-gtx-980-ti-sli "Hello everyone, currently running 1 gtx 980 ti on Corsair RM 750x, and i have another..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 17:19:45 +0000sillycookieTue, 26 Jul 2016 17:19:45 +0000#89447030Using USB-C Port to display 4K via HDMI input on large TVhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606950/using-usb-c-port-to-display-4k-via-hdmi-input-on-large-tv "Would really appreciate some help. My Dell XPS 13 has a USB-C port (that's it besides..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 08:20:25 +0000wermcranTue, 26 Jul 2016 08:20:25 +0000#89444538Looking to buy a 144Hz Monitor http://www.overclock.net/t/1606947/looking-to-buy-a-144hz-monitor "Hello! I wish to move from 60hz to 144. I got an AMD R9 390 Card and play lots of CS GO..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 06:37:11 +0000Crimson2OPTue, 26 Jul 2016 06:37:11 +0000#89444180Having Powerline issues, not sure if it's the adapter or my plug/mains powerhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606931/having-powerline-issues-not-sure-if-its-the-adapter-or-my-plug-mains-power "So I've been noticing issues for the past 2 or so weeks, at first I thought it was my..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 02:50:39 +0000Fragil1tyTue, 26 Jul 2016 02:50:39 +0000#89443217Options for RAID upgrade?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606929/options-for-raid-upgrade "I currently have my OS installed on two 64gb Crucial SSDs in Raid 1 (had some previous..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 02:34:25 +0000repo_manTue, 26 Jul 2016 02:34:25 +0000#89443092Creative SoundBlasterX G5 or Sound Blaster ZX?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606918/creative-soundblasterx-g5-or-sound-blaster-zx "Since they were currently on offer from Best buy , I wanted to check which was a better..."threadTue, 26 Jul 2016 00:38:08 +0000AliasTue, 26 Jul 2016 00:38:08 +0000#89442538Dell S2817Q 28" 4K Monitor In-Depth Review http://www.overclock.net/t/1606911/dell-s2817q-28-4k-monitor-in-depth-review " Pros: 4K resolution at 60Hz, Good image quality, Solid built in speakers,..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 23:15:41 +0000WilliamGaydeMon, 25 Jul 2016 23:15:41 +0000#89442043Asus Strix Super Clock GTX 1080, Rog PG348, & PG27Ahttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606906/asus-strix-super-clock-gtx-1080-rog-pg348-pg27a "I picked these amazing products this past Friday from Microcenter. I'm still in the..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 22:48:06 +0000bishophealsMon, 25 Jul 2016 22:48:06 +0000#89441848Are you using the scroll wheel button? - A poll to end a debate.http://www.overclock.net/t/1606897/are-you-using-the-scroll-wheel-button-a-poll-to-end-a-debate "Local forum debate, but there's a bigger community here. Vote, vote, vote lads. Are..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 19:04:12 +0000vanir1337Mon, 25 Jul 2016 19:04:12 +0000#89440304Is there a benefit to having an SSD soley dedciated to the OS?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606895/is-there-a-benefit-to-having-an-ssd-soley-dedciated-to-the-os "I was looking at buying a new SSD. However, I was curious if I should have a dedicated..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 18:10:31 +0000RoddimusPrimeMon, 25 Jul 2016 18:10:31 +0000#894398111440p 144Hz from 4k 60fps Is it a downgrade?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606893/1440p-144hz-from-4k-60fps-is-it-a-downgrade "Hello, I currently own an ASUS PB287Q monitor which is 4k 60FPS, and am wondering if it..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 18:04:56 +0000fireyfireMon, 25 Jul 2016 18:04:56 +0000#89439752New Sound Blaster Z card - sound muffled, sub not firing, overall poor sound qualityhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606870/new-sound-blaster-z-card-sound-muffled-sub-not-firing-overall-poor-sound-quality "Hello all, I am at a bit of a loss. I recently had my old Logitech z313 sub fail on me...."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 15:00:29 +0000sfdxsmMon, 25 Jul 2016 15:00:29 +0000#89438253Need a 40" +monitor/TV for gaming must be 4khttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606864/need-a-40-monitor-tv-for-gaming-must-be-4k "Hey all, Now whilst I love my hardware, I'm sure there are people out there whom know..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 14:08:57 +0000compuman145Mon, 25 Jul 2016 14:08:57 +0000#89437978Testing a PSU and other components after catastrophic failurehttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606847/testing-a-psu-and-other-components-after-catastrophic-failure "So in light of recent events in this thread I have the dubious task of testing what..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 10:17:13 +0000SpartanVXLMon, 25 Jul 2016 10:17:13 +0000#89436924Amazing 3D printed Mecha suit for the Logitech G900http://www.overclock.net/t/1606844/amazing-3d-printed-mecha-suit-for-the-logitech-g900 "The Taiwanese maker of this mecha suit apparently entered a Logitech held competition..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 09:16:04 +0000roygbiv0415Mon, 25 Jul 2016 09:16:04 +0000#89436739How to boost your Sound Quality on a budgethttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606843/how-to-boost-your-sound-quality-on-a-budget "Step 1: Install the latest Equalizer..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 08:02:34 +0000BiG StroOnZMon, 25 Jul 2016 08:02:34 +0000#89436388SSD in NAS? Reliability & Performancehttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606840/ssd-in-nas-reliability-performance "My WD NAS with two WD Red HDD's gets pretty slow transfer speeds when doing two things..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 07:09:56 +0000Dan_9Mon, 25 Jul 2016 07:09:56 +0000#89436163Looking for a new HOTAS setup to replace X-55 for space sims SC/E:D, Is a VKB Gladiator Pro suitable?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606839/looking-for-a-new-hotas-setup-to-replace-x-55-for-space-sims-sc-e-d-is-a-vkb-gladiator-pro-suitable "I bought and have used an X-55 for little over a year now, and I am now starting to..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 06:23:15 +0000TangoDown332Mon, 25 Jul 2016 06:23:15 +0000#89436021Does anyone know of cheap 4-8GB flash drives that can actually be made bootable?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606838/does-anyone-know-of-cheap-4-8gb-flash-drives-that-can-actually-be-made-bootable "I can't for the life of me find any readily available, inexpensive, small flash drives..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 06:09:46 +0000Zero4549Mon, 25 Jul 2016 06:09:46 +0000#89435997Is there a point to mirroring an SSD?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606833/is-there-a-point-to-mirroring-an-ssd "I'm curious if the risk factor of drive issues is so much lower for SSD's that there is..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:42:15 +0000RoddimusPrimeMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:42:15 +0000#89435941Need a 512GB or better SSD - Please Recommendhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606831/need-a-512gb-or-better-ssd-please-recommend "Ideally, I would have 1TB for games and programs, but even 512GB might do. What's the..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:38:56 +0000RoddimusPrimeMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:38:56 +0000#89435928Best value higher end audio card for gaming and music?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606828/best-value-higher-end-audio-card-for-gaming-and-music "As the title would indicate I am curious what best value cards are these days for..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:22:44 +0000RoddimusPrimeMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:22:44 +0000#89435869What are the best keyboards currently?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606827/what-are-the-best-keyboards-currently "Last I bought a keyboard mechanical switches were the hot thing with old IBM and Topre..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:19:34 +0000RoddimusPrimeMon, 25 Jul 2016 05:19:34 +0000#89435861 Help Modifying a Keystrokehttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606824/help-modifying-a-keystroke "I bought a KBParadise V60 keyboard off Massdrop. I bought the one that was supposed..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 04:47:24 +0000pow3rtr1pMon, 25 Jul 2016 04:47:24 +0000#89435758Cannot start OCCT PSU testing modehttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606820/cannot-start-occt-psu-testing-mode "OCCT dosent work for me in the PSU testing mode. It will immediately start the test and..."threadMon, 25 Jul 2016 03:35:24 +0000Guynumber7Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:35:24 +0000#89435350Qnix 2710 weird colors flickering issuehttp://www.overclock.net/t/1606798/qnix-2710-weird-colors-flickering-issue "Hello, I have quite an issue with my Qnix 2710 monitor. I want to state at the..."threadSun, 24 Jul 2016 22:55:31 +0000schiggySun, 24 Jul 2016 22:55:31 +0000#89434583how do i get the best colors out of my monitor?http://www.overclock.net/t/1606790/how-do-i-get-the-best-colors-out-of-my-monitor "I like to play fps games and sometimes looking at the screen can be painful. The colors..."threadSun, 24 Jul 2016 21:41:56 +00002tiredSun, 24 Jul 2016 21:41:56 +0000#89434202