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Motherboard Selection (Requesting Assistance)

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Hello OCN members. I'm looking to build a new desktop rig and would greatly appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions. I'm looking for a medium-end gaming rig. I don't have a tendency to run things on max settings, even if my computer is capable of it, so I don't want anything too fancy.

CPU I want to build around: Intel i5-2500k ($196)

Since the CPU seems to respond quite well to overclocking I was considering doing a low voltage OC off of air cooling only. I'm not going to be running SLI. I don't plan on running RAID.

Plans are for 1 Solid State Boot Drive(128GB most likely) and 1-2x 1TB drives for media storage.

Planned video card at this point: EVGA GTX 460 1024MB (http://www.microcenter.com/single_pr...uct_id=0348985) for $159.99 after rebate.

Feedback/Suggestions/Criticism is most welcome! Thanks.
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What is your budget?

Do you have any brand preference?

Ensure you get a P67 board if you plan to overclock. Avoid H67 at all costs as they can't overclock. Also, the Z68 boards are releasing soon, so if you wait there might be some more interesting choices.

As for P67, any Asus P8P67, Gigabyte UD3/4 which are reasonably priced and has the features you want will be fine. IMO i would stick to those brand for motherboards, but MSI, EVGA, Asrock also have a good reputation.


Those two are about 150$ and are have all the advanced features for overclocking.
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I actually do like ASUS a lot, and just came across this deal posted earlier on the forum: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboD...t=Combo.633314

Any glaring problems with that, or would that be an ideal setup to base it upon? As far as budget goes I was looking at ~$1,000.

So that combo of MB, RAM, and the i5 from Microcenter would set me back 455 post-tax.
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That looks like an excelent deal! G Skill RAM is usually top notch and that kit seems extremely solid. 1600MHz and CAS8 will allow for ample overclocking for your CPU.

Do you need all the components? PSU, Case? Monitor? HD? CD/DVD burner?

For 1000$ I think you could get two GTX460 or a better graphics card. It's not bad by any means, and for 160$ I think you can't get anything better, but in the end, the better the graphics card, the more FPS you are going to get. Easy as that.
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Yeah, the only components I have already are a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

I'm going to need new: HDDs, Case, CPU Cooler, PSU, DVD-RW. I did some quick glancing at cases and it seems there's some huge gaps in pricing and what you get. I've become accustomed to having a motherboard tray for easy access, and the HAF 912 doesn't have that option. Is springing for a HAF 922/932 worth it, or are there superior and cheaper alternatives?
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