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Thanks for the advice.

I had actually considered getting the DC2 card, but yeah, the 3-slot thing had kind of worried me. On the MIVE, they would be sandwiched together with no space in between them.

I also thought about going for the SC for the 5-year warranty that EVGA offers, but I tried looking up what the temps are like in SLI on the stock coolers for the card, and it seems really high (~80-90c in normal conditions). Thing is though, with the SC card, I could use the GPU duct thing that the HAF X has, in addition to the intake side fan, so I'm thinking that might help out quite a bit too. It's just a shame that the lightning card is too long to use the GPU duct fan on the HAF X as well, otherwise this choice would probably be a bit easier.
I have two of these and still room to spare between and below them, they run very quiet and cool temps have never been an issue with these since i got them, I have no need to customtize the fan cooling as its as perfect as it can be at the moment. The fan speed hardly ever goes above 30%, which is crystal quiet more or less to me and still keeps the temps fine. I used to have two 460's in SLI, and the fans on both of these together seem to be quieter than my previous setup with them. Best things ive ever bought, does take up soem space though.