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GPU Vram test

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Alright, My moms computer has been having trouble lately. Today it suffered 4 Memory related BSOD's in the course of about 1/2 hr. 0x1a, 0x7e, 0x50, and 0x19. I read that these are all hardware/memory related. So i popped in hiren's bootcd to run memtest86+. so far it has gone through 1 complete test with no errors. I also read that these errors could be caused by video ram, so i think i may need to test that as well. so I need a program that will test the vram on the graphics card. I know i saw someone post one on another thread but i don't remember what it was called, so any help is appreciated biggrin.gif

The specs on her computer:
Compaq presario
Pentium D
2Gb DDR 2 533
XFX Radeon 4550
Windows vista, upgraded from XP Media center (comp was bought right b4 vista came out, so came with free upgrade) (been wanting to reformat it as its been painfully slow ever since we bought it, but she doesn't want to, help me convince her please biggrin.gif )
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OCCT is very good for both core and memory stability tests smile.gif
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OCCT Does look like a very useful tool that i could use on my computer, but it wont work on my moms 4550. the only other way to have tested it would have been with a game or some other 3d intensive application, which i cannot do atm.

I ran a check-disk on it and now it won't boot at all, just keeps restarting.
My mom STILL doesn't want me to reformat it confused.gifkookoo.gif
but i think i will have to anyway, after i pull all her documents of the drive....
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Ok, i just tested the PSU, because it was not the OS causing the BSODs (installed win7 on a separate drive and it still bsod'd with 1A bccheck code. 3.3v is showing HH, so is that being to high causing RAM/Vram issues? what does 3.3v do?

The psu was replaced a few months ago with an el cheapo Logysis after the old supply died.
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