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Thanks, I listed the mobo, (again, it's an ALOE X3), but I think I'm alone on this. Because the O/S and pretty much the entire conputer is far below any 'Hot' systems and as a result the OEM systems give options that most seasoned OC'ers would not typically use.

The "Thermal Control" you mentioned confuses me because I see a lot of OC software that gives thermal control. But see that's the problem, I'm not asking anything about OCing or thermal control or anything close to that.

I'm asking how to disable the default "Power Saver Fan" control option that comes with most OEM basic computers by going in through the BIOS. That's why I think you don't understand the question, do you see?

I'm not insulting you, I'm just stating that you have overlooked the original question and if I want you to help, I need to let you know if you're answering something that I didn't ask. (sorry, I don't use Imocons so don't take the lack of one as implication that I'm anything but appreciative for any help on the subject).