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CoreBooster ET6 - Unstable unlock X3

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Motherboard: GA-M68M-S2P (rev2.3)

Hello, well firstly my motherboard model is within the title so I shouldn't need to mention this again.

Ive got an AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE. I haven't long had the board as my recent one died and I needed a quick, cheap replacement to get my machine up & running again asap.

Anyways, using the EasyTune6 utility given to me via the motherboard CD I went into the Tuner > CoreBoost tab and enabled the 2 cores that appeared to be locked. I rebooted & all I got was what seemed to be a dead post screen .. See picture: http://i52.tinypic.com/2rvyfx2.jpg .. and it will just stay like this until I turn it off. Sometimes If I power back up it will magically load but even then it's not stable after stress testing it.. machine will just freeze around 5-10minutes into prime95.

Then I went into BIOS and tried manually unlocking the cores aswell pushing the voltage up, again the same occurance and Ive taken the voltage up to where I feel the most safest and still no luck (1.360V).

Just to add upon unlocking the CPU: CPUID shows the CPU as only 3 cores unlocked but I can only assume that is all it is capable of anyways.

Other than the voltage that's all Ive played around with, within the BIOS.

Is there anyway at all that I can stabilise this & actually get it to boot properly straight through the post instead of sometimes just staying dead as shown within the image.

If you need anymore information I'll be happy to provide it.

Thank you in advance.
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Forgot to add that Ive even went as far as lowering the CPU clock to 2000Mhz (2ghz) and still nothing but I am able stable the clock at 3.8Ghz with cores locked again, which is weird.. My last board struggled on 3.6ghz, probably explains why it died.
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