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AMD has released three new entry-level graphics cards in its Radeon HD 6000 Series range. All three cards are priced at under US$100 and support HD video playback and 3D gaming.

The graphics pricing landscape has been redefined yet again with the release of AMD's Radeon HD 6670, Radeon HD 6570 and Radeon HD 6450; three affordable graphics cards that pack a hefty punch for the asking price.
Aimed at budget-conscious gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, the new graphics cards have a low power consumption of just 75 watts (compared to 128 watts for the AMD Radeon HD 6870). Boasting stereo 3D support, AMD App Acceleration for speedier rendering times, Eyefinity multi-screen functionality and DirectX 11, the new range is suited to HD gameplay, video playback and productivity applications.

6670 Specs

6570 Specs
6450 Specs