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AMD E-350 APU Questions

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I bought a new laptop with the APU E350 processor(Acer AS5253-BZ602), and I have to say i'm satisfied with the performance. But I have a few questions:

1. The laptop came with 2GB DDR3 installed, but I noticed that 1.7GB is usable since the GPU is taking about 256MB, will the performance increase if I add an extra 4GB, and not just computer performance, will gaming performance increase as well?

2. In the Bios menu i'm not able to set the amount of dedicated video memory for the HD 6310. Would it be possible to allocate more memory to the GPU? A program perhaps?

3. I'm pretty sure its still to early, but does anyone know how to OC the E350 on a netbook or laptop? Ive tried every method and so far none have worked. I'm not trying to overclock the E350 untill it explodes, i'm just trying to get it up to 1.9GHz or 2.0GHz.
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Going to 4GB may increase gaming performance. I would prove it by seeing if your system uses up all that RAM though (if it does it may freeze randomly for an extended period of time but unfreeze again, as the RAM runs out and has to be written to the slower HDD as pagefile)
I'm pretty sure the GPU memory auto-allocates

I don't think you can OC it without a modified BIOS and I'm not sure if the desktop BIOS variants would work the same way
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