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..I was bored, and I did not intend to upgrade, so I took a TR VRM G2 for vrm of my 580 (which is already equipped with accelero xtreme) biggrin.gif

officially is only compatible for the 480, but it fits very easily even at 580 ..

unlike many aftermarket solutions to cooling the vrm (see the classics TR or Arctic heatsinks with bi-adhesive thermal pad or thermal glue), the VRM G2 is designed to dissipate even the little six vrm ( photo ) ..
on the base of VRM G2 there are these 3 holes ( photo ) that serve to make space for 3 small components of vrm that are taller than the vrm chips ( photo ) .. in fact also the base of the reference plate on vrm has 3 small holes in the same position ( photo ) precisely for those 3 components ..

there is only one thing I did not understand ..

what is the purpose or utility of this little 'step'? ( Photo1 - photo2 )

the whole area of the base on that step, rests on the six little vrm little .. and assembling all, and observing carefully in profile it is seen that this step that creates a minimum difference, and the pressure of cooler on vrm is not homogeneous .. ie on the middle row of vrm ( photo ) the pressure is less than the others vrm .. which can be checked by mounting all, doing pressure, disassembling, and observing the shape of the vrm that remains engraved on the thermal pad .. the shape of the central row of vrm (ie the same marked in the previous picture) is visibly less marked than that of the two rows 'external' ..

even if there is a minimum of pressure even on those vrm .. This is because the empty space created by the 'step' on the base of TR VRM G2, is filled by the thermal pad .. instead trying to mount all without pad, I can see that the middle row of vrm almost has no contact with cooler ..

to better understand I have also observed the reference dissipating plate .. and the area of ​​contact of small vrm is the same height as that of the other vrm ( photo ) .. then the base is completely flat, and there is no 'step' as well as for the TR VRM G2 .. and I think also with 480 that situation is the same ..
so, the TR VRM G2 is designed to be so .. and works the same way on both with 480 that with 580 .. but I can not understand why there is this 'step' on the base of TR VRM G2, and it seems to be only counterproductive .. although not a real impediment, it give a little discomfort

I was thinking .. and if I did a lapping on base of TR VRM G2?? also because I intended to put a pad Phobya XT 0.5mm ... the bundle pad is 1mm ..