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Just thought i would raise a not often talked about topic- For about the past several months I've had some dern Mexican radio on my phone line while i was talking to someone- At first it wasn't too noticeable but got progressively worse. If it stopped there i couldn't care less! However, It was interfering with my internet speed as well [could only hit 150kb/s on a 6mb/s line DSL] So here's what i did and what to do if you have noise on your phone lines-

-Dial 1. The line should be SILENT- no? Step 2 etc.
-Try a different phone chord, bypass the filter to the wall jack. Hearing noise here would be one of the worst- You have an in-wall or input line problem, contact phone company (NEVER mention internet with them even is they're your ISP.)
-If you don't hear noise, you're in luck. You're problem is easy- switch out (one at a time) chords, couplings, and the filter to find out which one is the culprit and replace it. (MOST LIKELY It will be the filter)

Anyways.. That's the fruit of... 3 hours of post midnight work. Goodnight all! Hope this help(s/ed) someone =]