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Originally Posted by helipilot View Post
Yep, I ran both my original RAMs and they failed (they froze during memtest86 - had to reboot the computer). So they are stuffed. I'll be sending them back to Corsair this week (lifetime warranty ftw).

I am currently testing my spare memory, so far so good with one RAM stick. If the second one passes too I'll try again with Prime95.

I must be getting crazy but I remember doing this setup (with my spare RAM) and the system froze up in the same way...


I'll try again, I hope it's just the RAM and not both (RAM and mobo).

I'll post again soon.
Yeah if ur spare set works I would rma the ram. If not then I would try a fresh windows install again bit don't load any drivers
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Originally Posted by Dopamin3 View Post
1.7v through a 32nm chip is suicide. Even ~5.9ghz doesn't require that much voltage.
1.7v is alot of vcore, but its not through a 32nm chip, the OP stated its on a pc with a Q6600, 65nm fab not 32nm. 1.7v is still quite excessive.

@op, Im not sure what brand of psu you have, but I would start there, especially if its been 4 years. A failing PSU can effect overall system stability.
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Well, after confirming that my spare RAM was ok, I ran Prime95 on Blend and it didn't fail for more than 40 minutes test. Considering that the original RAM failed in the first 3 minutes of test, this confirms to me, it is the RAM.

Thanks for all contributions in this subject guys
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