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Wow... thanks for taking time to put that all together! I've been doing a lot of reading on here since i've first made this post. Also talked to a buddy of mine who's built a few computers. My build has certainly progressed a lot as I read more and more on here.

I haven't considered a mid tower simply because I want room to grow down the road. This is more of a starter build for me to learn from and then I could beef it up over time. I'll check out those mid towers though, may be more along the lines of what I want to do.

I like the footprint on the H70 for sure, but it does look like there are better solutions out there for cheaper. I'm also beginning to wonder if i'm really planning to overclock the CPU at all... in which case a big beefy cooler may not even be necessary.

Sometimes I just get carried away cause people's build on here look so cool and I have a hard time resisting cool looking little additions. You should have seen how bad I was with my car, i'm hoping modding a computer with distract me from modding my car... which is so much more expensive lol.

Anyways thanks for the tips! I will definitely check it all out!