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its a bit hard to see but the actual plastic plugs stick out to the point where even if there was NO cables, it sill would bump into the card.

| <----edge of PCI slot
||| plugs out of ports on bottom

if that above makes any sense woot

but ya if i have the XFX on top and the HIS on bottom of the top 2 slots its a bit more room but sadly that 3rd slot seems to be ill planned and/or ment for thin pci cards like a sound card
I see, it must just be the nature of the card with that board. If you didnt have a slot type cooler on your card it might have enough clearance. My 5770 looks like it would fit no problem.

If you plan on have the two GPU's so close to each other, you may want to get a 5.25" bay slot cooler and a gpu duct, maybe an Antec Spot cool, or something similar.