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Nice choice. That is the 247 or 248H? I almost got the 247h yesterday but the bezels were just a little large looking. The 248H I saw today before I bought my Acers actually had smaller bezels. they didnt have threee in stock though. Maybe in a week they said. I may return these Acers for the 248H's but so far these Acers look pretty nice. I just like the 2ms response time from the Asus much more than these with 5ms.
247. it's the one linked in the OP.

So far I really like it.

My laptop can't quite handle Borderlands @ native resolution. I'm really surprised how good it looks at 720 scaled up though. I'm really pleased with the purchase.
The real-estate of 1080 makes a huge difference for double-browsers open at native.
Great monitor thus far.
Bezels aren't a concern for me as I am only running a single monitor off my laptop. I just got sick of resting my palm on a 100+ degree computer while gaming. Now I can set it to the side on the stand I made (with 3 80mm fans) to keep it cool so I don't have to worry.

I'll be building a new gaming computer in a month or two, so this takes the monitor equation out of things for me as well.