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These two are great programs(but will require you to locate your PLL which is on your motherboard)

Or you can modify your Bios and see what options you can unlock or unhidden_ I was really into that for a few years(just because I didn't know how to build my own computers) I had a lot of retail computers that I usually buy from Best buy or what not and after a while I got use to modifying AMI/Pheonix and some Award bios to unlock as many features as possible_ Sometimes even enabling overclocking features =]

A great website I suggest is, I no longer modify custom bios anymore its just too time consuming** They say you couldn't overclock Laptops, well I modify a laptop bios to enable a few overclocking goodies

Heres an example(This is my own work)
Original Bios

Modified Bios unlocking a few features*

This was on my old HP DV67 laptop_ Oh all the fun you can do with Hex Editor and a few other programs =]

Of course you always run the risk of bricking your motherboard if its a bad flash**

But aside from that, I recommend SoftFSB(They got a free version and Shareware version) You can set it up to where upon bootup it raises your bus speed for you automatically but I've always had issues with Software overclocking as it sometimes freezes the PC requiring a restart_ Software overclocking is just unreliable_

I suggest picking up a cheap motherboard with overclocking features

Thanks, going to test those out. I hit up a forum a while ago and they said they couldnt mod this bios, but ill see what i can find in this new forum you provided.