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wc board

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i am upgrading to a 980 which is on the way from my brother who works for a engineering firm in the area i hope its an ES wont be for sure until later this week. but i want to get a board that will match the set up. I have a full loop and looking to include the chipset now and go for some stupid clocks. anyone have any ideas on what i should be getting into or places to get something?
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me and a friend use the evga classified, its kinda old but have had some nice stable overclocks and there are alot of waterblocks availible for em. also the lates version out uses usb 3 and sata 3. its also beat the bloodrage, asus rampage 2 and 3 for overclocking
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i just don't know where to get one open boxes used or whatever. i am planning on oging to 2011 so i dont' really wanna throw a ton of cash into somethnig new hwen i can possibly get a used one or close to.
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im in uk and i normally order from overclockers.co.uk or scan.co.uk
i think newegg do good computer parts im not sure about usa sites.

id suggest just googling some motherboard reviews that interest you, and then google to find the best price!
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