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Evga 780i + c2duo E8500. Why am I getting such high clocks without voltage?

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Hey everybody, first post on this forum. Been doing overclocking for a few years on video cards, and lately I moved onto cpu + mobos.

Heres my setup:


I need some advice for those who have experience with any of these cards or those similar to them. My GOAL is squeeze as much juice out of this card as possible without sacrificing the longevity. I want to keep this rig around for at least another 2-3 years.

I just last week replaced a EVGA gts 250 1gig with this EVGA superclocked GTX 560, and now I just need to ramp up the cpu to add to the new graphics capability.

My main focus is PC gaming, all the latest games, especially cutting edge graphics candidates.


I had done extensive research on OCing this cpu and heres what I did:
(Breaking it up into simple steps for anyone else reading along who could benefit from the hours I put in researching this topic so far )

I leave a few settings here and there on AUTO, but for the most part as I have learned, AUTO setting is a huge bad bad no no.

-Press delete to enter BIOS

-Advanced chipset features

-Sys Clocks
-Cpu Multi = 9.5x w/ n2 enabled
-PCIe x16_3 = 100mhz
-HT MULTI = 5x on both
-SPREAD SPECTRUM = All disabled

-FSB-MEM clock = linked + sync <===== This gives me 1600 fsb and 800mhz on my memory, in which 800 is the stock speed. 1:1 ratio here.

-Memory timings =
6 - 6 - 6 - 18 - T2
Should I leave these timings as they are?

-Advanced memory timings = All Auto, not sure what to do here.


-CPU CORE = (1.2 stock in bios) 1.22500 GREY in BIOS, and 1.192 in CPU-z
-CPU FSB = (1.1 stock) 1.2 GREEN
-MEMORY = (1.850 stock) I left it at 1.850 GRAY, since I figured I am not OCing the memory whatsoever, why increase it's voltage?
Should I be downvolting or downclocking the memory? I read somewhere that this can increase performance overall, but I am not fully getting the concept.
-SPP = (1.30 stock) 1.35 GRAY
-MCP = (1.500 stock) 1.525 GREEN
-HT = (1.20 stock) 1.25 GREEN


Actual values were:
1 : 1
400.5 Bus speed / DRAM Frequency

I kicked it up a couple mhz to make sure CPUz would read it as passing 3800 clock speed.

Most guides and forum threads say to START in the green and work your way down when it comes to voltage, but how does this help?

I tried to increase my voltages as little as possible because after all voltage is what hurts our PC parts in the first place. Changing clock speeds and FSB doesn't do anything to hurt the components, its the extra voltage that gets most people in trouble.

I have been running Prime 95 x64 for about 7 hours. resulting in the following:
Idle temp = 39/40 C
100% load = 53/54 C

So what should I do here? I want advice of any and all kind.

My first attempt at Ocing this card on this setup was same settings as above, except:
FSB = 1500mhz
Memory = unlinked 800mhz
Voltage = NONE!

Ran prime 95 for 3 hours, temps never went above low 50s, and no errors.

Should I push the cpu to 4.0ghz?

Should I leave the cpu at 3.8ghz but lower the voltage back to stock? Notice how on my 3.8 clock, my voltages are mostly in the grey zone, almost all of them being just 1 step higher than stock value (except for cpu core).

I am hungry for knowledge and the satisfaction of a highly overclocked cpu with strong longevity. FEED ME!

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if its any help, i clocked 4.2 with the same CPU and mainboard.

it didnt need much voltage at all. its a beautiful chip to OC with
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do you remember what voltages you used? and what other settings?
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