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Hello everyone.

We had an issue where SMTP Server A and B were not sending mail because our ISP started blocking port 25.

Well, we had port 25 opened for on server B. That server sends out messages okay. Now, server A has not had the privilege of having port 25 opened for it.

Instead of waiting 2 weeks to have the ISP respond to another request, I figured it'd be easier to change the coding to put the mail in the pickup directory of Server B.

So instead of:
Flds("") = "c:\\inetpub\\mailroot\\pickup"

I have:
Flds("") = "H:\\Pickup"

I mapped the H drive to the mailroot folder of Server B. From Server A, i can access that share and read/write/edit anything i want, so permissions are fine. It does not work though. My assumption is that the CDOSYS code we have must only work under a local directory?

Am i missing something?

Note: I have basically no asp/cdosys experience. Simplistic explanation is the way to my heart!