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Well I ended up going RAID 0 route like most of you suggested. First time installing, changed BIOS settings, configured RAID 0, reinstalled Windows 7...didn't ask me for a RAID driver, is that normal? It just picked up the RAID config. Also when I benched the drives in RAID sometimes min speed will drop to 3mb/sec is that normal at all? I did run SMART tests and read/read verify tests on both drives before installing Windows, both passed.

The max and avg speeds almost doubled though, same with read but like I said out of the 5 tests I ran it dropped to 3mb/sec twice. I have no experience with RAID 0, so I wouldn't be surprised if its nothing major but I'd like to know.

Thanks everyone for your input!
Windows 7 has generic raid drivers with it, so that's why it didn't care. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You could download the raid drivers from your motherboard manufacturer and update them in the Device Manager, but it's not necessary unless you do experience problems. I'm unsure why it would have dropped to 3 mb/sec read rate. That's interesting. Just use the computer for a few weeks and you'll be able to tell if it's faster overall or not.

The reason your average speeds doubled, is because you are writing to both drives at any time. That's the point of raid 0, increase performance. I want to get a 2nd velociraptor to do a raid 0 of them for my system, but they're not cheap, and my car needs some work done first.