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Sapphire HD5870 Vapor X Crossfire problem

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So I have a Sapphire HD5870 Vapor X (stock clocks) for a few months and I picked up another Sapphire HD5870 Vapor X except this one was the OC edition (the stock one was sold out)

So i installed it, did a fresh format and downloaded all the drivers (installed catalyst 11.4) and installed msi afterburner to downclock the OC edition to the standard 850 core and 1200 memory clock to match my other card but I cant seem to get the 2d profile to stick....
Attached are some screenshots of my settings etc

capture.png is a screen shot of the hardware monitor AFTER I played a game of supreme commander 2.... (notice that the 2nd GPU usage was at 0 the entire time...)
capture2.png is a screenshot of my afterburner settings, notice how the core/memory is clocked at 157/300 even though i set the 2D profile to 855/1205...
capture3.png is a screenshot of GPUZ

Could there be a problem with the new 11.4 drivers thats causing the 2D profile to not apply properly? having the memory spike from 300->1200 is causing my screen to flicker and it is driving me insane...

Edit: i just ran 3DMARK 11 performance settings for the bench mark tests and i got a P7725 score.. so crossfire is working!
i attached another screenshot with the score and the afterburner hardware monitor
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disregard this post sorry
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no, that isnt the problem. the problem is that when it switches from the 3D profile to the 2D profile, the screen flickers.... and it switches a LOT, i could be browsing the website and scrolling down and the screen would flicker cause i see the memory clocks jumping up and down
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I don't think supreme commander 2 supports crossfire. If it works in 3DMARK then you are good to go.
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