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And the fact that the 7 fans all spin at around 800 - 1000 RPM should also require less power right? Because the Wattage requirement for the motor is lower.
It all depends on the amount of work being done by the fan.

Even if the fan is spinning faster, it may have a less aggressive blade profile that moves less air.

The less work the fan does, the less power it needs.

When a fan is started, it must overcome the inertia of its moving parts and may draw more power than its rating. This is "start-up-surge".

Watts is watts, the fans draw their rated draw (unless you're running them above or below their specified RPM or are measuring starting power).
CFM, on the other hand, is a flow-rate and is a better indicator of the amount of work being done.

Anyway, just connect all the fans to that splitter, connect that to a single 4-pin Molex and be done with it. You will need an adapter for that splitter or get a splitter terminated for 4-pin Molex.