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seems like you are slow, or just lazy and did not read the other 7 post in this thread besides your 2 posts. "
  1. how is the UPS at fault if the 2nd new router (3rd router if you count the old one) was never connected to the UPS at still made noise? anyhow, this UPS is compatible with Active PFC equipment, so im not sure wat are you talking about and how it applies to a consumer router kookoo.gif
  2. my UPS sits on a sturdy table inside my brick&steel-construction home on land away from tectonic plate faults and volcanic activity... explain "interior circuitry bumping all over the place" ?! anyway it doesnt matter, see point 1.
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/bump 4 my silly inconclusive non-experiments
ok so i bought a new router and it started doing the same awful noise the first day i got it. i used the UPS to power it, so again iblamed the UPS and myself for ruining my new top of the line router by overpoweringit (or so i thought)
amazon sent me another one as replacement. for a few hours i pondered what to do with the 2nd new router. should plug it to the UPS to test my stupid theory - if it starts squealing the UPS somehow is delivering to much power permanently damaging some capacitor making it whine/squeal. the UPS display even read "output: 124V", i thought -"those 4 extra volts! aha!"
eventually i slapped myself out of it and plugged it straight to the wall outlet never using the UPS... well guess what. same.effin.noise.
are my hearing abilities getting better as i get older? isnt it supposed to be the opposite lol
i guess just going to have to move the noisy thing to the other side of the wall and run a cable to a gigabit switch near all the devices. wouldnt surprise me if the switch (owned for 2 years now no problems) starts squealing too.
My appoligies I thought you said you tested on the ups again didn't see the slap myself out of it part. Still your wall outlet do you have a old home or a newer one with the 16A circuitbreakers? Does the room have its own circuit breakers and what's it rated at?

Now there's a command that you can use on your router to check its fans, temperature, voltages everything. Just have a look in your manual and get a system status from it.
My appoligies ones again for not picking that up earlier
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