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HTPC Power Supply

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I'm looking into a complete rebuilt of my Current HTPC. I'm planning on using a Radeon HD 6850 Passive along with other components that I have not yet finalized. However I am wondering what Power Supply would be Modular and also Quiet for a HTPC Overhaul.
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What size case is it going into?
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Mid-Tower case. The case will probably be kept or it might be replaced with another Antec Mid-Tower.
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Probably hit up a low end corsair unit or an antec unit, 450w - 500w should be more than enough

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Pretty much any modern PSU should be fairly quiet when at a low HTPC kind of load, though some are definitely better than others. There aren't that many lower-wattage modular units anyway. Check SPCR:

Best would be like Seasonic X Series, Enermax Modu87+ (Lepa G500), etc. for something quiet and modular.

If those are too expensive, the Antec Basiq Plus 550W is modular and is going for a very nice $45 now:

Not that much is known about models in the Basiq series other than that they're clearly Antec's lowest-end range. The Basiq Plus is by Delta though. It shouldn't be bad.
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