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Well all i can say is start over with your ram at stock speeds and voltage, and maybe reduce it down to 8gig for now. I have the same mobo you have on my 955be rig. @3.9

cpu voltage @1.46
cpu/nb voltage @ 1.275/2800 speed
cpu vdda @2.5 volts
ht @ 1.2 volts
nb volts @1.8
sb volts @1.1
ram stock at 8-8-8-24-1t/1600-1.65v
Both load line calibration on enabled
both spred spectrum disabled

cpu multiplyer at 19.5
fsb at 200

ht speed 2000

24/7 stable/prime 95

still unable to get the ram the same speed, im going to take out 2 sticks sfter i get back tomorrow night and try some other things you guys may ave posted

do any of you know about the sli patch?

im on my to microcenter to check on somethings and have my phone on me, so if you post something i will see it, and try to answer you. im looking at upgrading some pc parts. case cpu and maybe mobo for my sli cards to run