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Strange Issue GTX 470 And MSI Afterburner

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Alright, so I have been having an issue with Afterburner lately, first I thought it was my drivers then I thought it was direct x. Since doing a clean install (OS) and running 258.96 and playing my PC games all has been fine, so I decide to install Afterburner to OC my card back to where it was (800/1800 @ 1.087).

Install MSI OC the card again and play some games all seems fine for 30 minutes then bam black screen with no BSOD, but it creates minidumps which point to directx drivers and nvidia drivers, same thing as before prior to OS reinstall. So I install FurMark run stability test and the PC crashes so I reboot put it back on stock setting through MSI and it crashes again. Reboot the PC, uninstall MSI, then run FurMark without MSI being installed and it works fine to 15+ minutes before I shut it down.

Previously with MSI installed and running FurMark whether on stock or OC'd settings it would crash less than 5 minutes into it. Card is on water so nothing is overheating.

My i7 OC has been stable, folding, stress test, etc etc and so has this GPU with the OC it has. I like using MSI due to the voltage control it has, but it seems like it is directly related to the crashing. This also started happening when I installed PCSX2 and was playing a game on it, but that should be irrelevant now since my OS has been reinstalled and I'm still getting this issue, unless it affected my hardware. I'm just at a loss at this point.

Thoughts, suggestions, fixes, etc are all welcomed.


Found a possible solution that seems to be working thus far.
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Used that solution mentioned in the thread and FurMark ran fine for 55 minutes.
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Still having the issue. I've removed both my CPU OC and my GPU OC and it still happened while I was gaming.

Here are two screens of the files associated with it. DirectX is up to date and so are the video card drivers, I've tried both old and new and it is still occurring. My next step is to see if I'm having any memory issues so I'll be running memtest and see where that gets me.

As for the video card it ran fine in FurMark for about an hour, but what else can I use to test it? ATITool, Kombuster? Anything else? I may be SOL on sending it in to EVGA because when I received it from the seller the sticker was removed.

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Memtest hasn't thrown any errors for the past 2 hours it has been running.

If anyone is reading this what else should I look at doing? I've done a clean install already and it still has this issue and I thought I solved the issue yesterday but obviously it didn't do anything.
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