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Help Optimizing BIOS

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Im looking for some suggestions or a complete todo list on how to get the most out of my Rig. Rig details are on my profile. if you need more info just ask. Id like to optimize my cpu, Video Card, Ram, SSD (ide vs ahci). not sure if i wanna over clock yet because im always seeming to get blue screens wen i do. so im not sure about that yet. any help with this would be awesome.
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If you don't wanna overclock you'll need to set your SATA controller to AHCI because that will enable TRIM on the drive.

You'll need to do a reg hack for it first though, have a look here

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I ended up changing to ahci before reading post after reading about the advantages. i didnt have any major issues... i switched from ide to ahci and rebooted. it went to desktop installed some drivers and asked me to restart. after i restarted everything seems to work fine. the only minor issue is that some of my programs on my desktop and start menu became dead. i had to go to the file in the root to move another shortcut to replace the dead one. the dead links said to insert a disk into drive DCD drive). but besides that i didnt have any issues... should i still do this reg edit, or am i good/lucky?
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If you did it without any issues then don't worry about it

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this is a old issue but it still anoys me... in my computer section both of my C: and D: drives there icon shows a not found icon. the one that u see when it cant fnd the program. now i cant seem to find out why its like this. is there a way to get the original icon back?
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also the issue got a tad bigger.. most of my links are linking to d: so i have to go thru everything manually to change the locations... stupid ahci. why did it rename from one of my drives but not the other?

UPDATE. it looks like it changed my drive letters. my D: used to be my other HDD now D: is my CD drive... anyway to fix this?
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fixed issues.. now back to overclocking... im new to the overclocking and i believe i can have it pushed a bit. could use some help one whst i should try compared to my specs. iv tried asus level up to just the first level which is 3.33 but i get a blue screen every now and again and i cant complete prime torture test. so any help would be great
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