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I own a pair of Steelseries 5H and some ATH-M50s. The only real benefit to the steelseries was the mic and even that wasn't great. One thing i do have to say was they were comfortable to wear for hours (i have a big head and wear glasses so it can be a problem). I haven't had experience with the other headphones you mentioned but I do wish I bought my m50s first and just bought an mic seperately though.

Thanks for the insight.

Yeah, I've been talking to some people that own steelseries and sennheiser and apparently steelseries headphones are that great, especially comapared to sennheiser.

Someone recommended that I just get the PC 360 or even HD 555 and if I absolutely need it to be USB, get an external AMP or Soundcard provided by Creative or some other company. My only issue is that do those external amps or separately sold soundcard save the settings you set up in the software so that if you use another computer, the settings will be the same?

I think I may just get the Sennheiser PC333d just to make things simple.