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Yes but as you see, in the first link of my previous post, many have different cards, some old, some not that old and some recent. What is funny is that many tried so many different driver versions... yet, it could be really my graphics card.
Lets see when that friend of mine can help me out with the testing...

So I searched the purchase date of my 5770 and downloaded the first previous driver to that date and guess what? Better performance in general PLUS mouse cursor does not get "sticky" in the top right corner any more. Although I find it better performance-wise, I still think that it should be better but, hey, lets not give up, things could be worse right now.
I also found out that, at 3.6GHz CPU, I can run MW2 just on the second core, that way I have smoother playability. (Don't ask me why, tested with both and then set its affinity to the second core and the game runs smoother.)
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