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It just maddens me. Why do people here keep recommending the other coolers versus the Scythe Mugen 2 when it is clearly better? He said his budget was $50, and the Mugen 2 is $40.

Look at my post above.
Yes, I also recommend Mugen 2 for a budget of 'under $50'.

I think it is just a natural reflex of a few to recommend 212+ and then the sheep flock effect takes over.

In general, 212+ gets more recommended than Mugen 2 as, I think, 212+ is usually cheaper and on stock/wider availability (worldwide speaking).

As of this moment, Amazon sells 212+ at US$36 vs Mugen 2 at $47.
At Newegg, 212+ sells at $40 while Mugen 2 is out of stock .