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Help needed setting up SSD please.

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Hi all

Noob SSD help needed.

I'm about to install my Vertex 3 drive and I could do with some helpful advice before I start.

1) When I set the Marvell Sata 3 controller to AHCI in BIOS do I also need to set the Intel Sata II controller to AHCI for the other HDDs that I have connected to that controller or do I just leave it on IDE?

2) When I install Windows 7 for the first time do I still Create and Format a partition in the setup process like I would when I install on a normal HDD?

3) Will I need to load the Marvell drivers form a memory stick in the Windows 7 setup?

4) Is the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver still needed if I am using the Marvell 3 controller?

5) I have also been reading a that there are a lot of Registry edits after installation. Do these need to be done??

If any of you could help me out with some questions it would be a great help.
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2. When installing Windows 7, if all you want is Windows 7 and nothing else, just click next with your drive selected, no need to make anything special for it.

5. Yes there are a few registry edits, I followed most of them from this guide - http://thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/o...ation-guide-2/

I didn't do the AHCI registry edit though as I saw no point since I had it enabled in BIOS. I also left page filing on my normal HDD as Windows would constantly give me memory getting full errors even with 6 GB of ram while playing memory intensive games.

I wouldn't want to give you any bad information about your other questions as I'm unsure about the marvel controllers.
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