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Just send an email to Silverstone USA asking for the original TJ07 motherboard tray. They're 39 bucks.
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You could look at an XSPC Rasa CPU block...

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Already bought a set of EK copper/acetal!
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ahhk man, cool! thumb.gif
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Glancey, you absolutely brilliant man, how did you make the midplate? Laser cutting service? If you have a sketchup or autocad file I will love you forever! ;D!
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CNC cutter I believe courtesy of ChilledPC.

All he needed was a little photoshop design lol.
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Well, that's somewhat disappointing. I'll see if there's any laser cutters near by and if I can get a .pdf or something somewhere.
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You can order a blank one at and have it both cut and powder coated at ChilledPC.


Cost me £25 for everything so taking a hit on the shipping to AUS might not be so bad.
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Oh, cool, just ordered some things from there ;D!
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Their product prices are a little high but they're geared towards custom work which they do really well. Take a look at their powdercoating gallery.. there are some pretty sick TJ07s in there.
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