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It's starting to come together. Received the first set of water blocks this morning and missed the second lot (bought half from EK and the other half from SpecialTech, worked out cheaper). Pics of those later.. for now here's the remainder of the parts for this build...

2 passthrough/bulkheads to go through the midplate. 1 T fitting for the bottom compartment drain port. and 2 DangerDen fillports for... filling. (and draining!)


8 plugs.


8 45 degree adapters


8 45 degree rotaries. I'll be completely avoiding 90 degree elbows.


18 standard compressions

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Everything in nearly symmetrical goodness. Over £350 of fittings. Should leave a couple spare for future work, new stuff etc.

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Oh, wow.

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Cheers frost. What's taking so long with yours, eh?
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2 35Xs with heatsinks installed. I couldn't resist installing them.. but I'll have to take these back apart. The heatsink mounting needs some dremel work before fitting in to the EK dual top. Oh, and 2 random barbs.. yeah.

SR-1 480. Not a bent fin in sight.

GTS 360.

Quick test of some fans and the FC5. These should looks pretty nice through the grills.

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Shush, you

My life has been very, very busy and confusing the past few weeks. I'm finding it hard to get any time in on my build, but yeah, I've ordered the parts from chilledPC, talking to someone about some others, I sold my 5970's and am looking to get something else, a single GPU per card solution I think

I have to find a GPU first so I can put a block in with my order, I don't want to have to make two.

I think I'll order all my stuff and one 6970 block, get another 6970 or two later.
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Happens to everybody. I'm pretty patient anyway!

Are you getting that midplate cut with something?
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Originally Posted by Glancey View Post
Happens to everybody. I'm pretty patient anyway!

Are you getting that midplate cut with something?
I was thinking a rotary cutting tool and some masking tape, then just file the edges, it will have sleeved extensions pouring out of it so you won't be able to see the cut hopefully, but I'll touch it up with some black paint.

It'll just be a simple square with curved edges shape, easily done.

At the moment what I'm thinking about most is my motherboard, what I'm going to do with that huge CPU retention bracket cut out on it, I might just get some black acrylic and put it in front of it :3
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I meant something like a custom design from ChilledPC

And that motherboard tray... it's horrible right? I think I said before, the original tray is on my to-buy list for next pay day. Until then you might be right with the black acrylic idea. Someone on another forum suggested a simple cover sheet of aluminum.

I haven't measured it up but I'm wondering how mounting a tube res will go.
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Yeah, should be easily enough, just cut a piece of sheet metal or something.

I'm talking to Flux who does a bunch of TJ07 things with his laser cutter about some custom parts.
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