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Originally Posted by chalkbluffgrown View Post
Some say the Xonar and Essence cards are better in music playback than the Titanium HD,
Yes many have a knack for making that statement and usually 99% of them have never even owned The Titanium HD. It appears they just slag it off as being another outdated Titanium with poorly made drivers(the HD's Win 7 drivers are Solid) It's interesting having to read users here give out falsely based advice on equipment they have never even listened to and clearly know little about while passing it off as fact. I'd be a rich man if I were to get a Dollar for every time I see someone say ASUS is better for music. It needs to be noted that this is only true in sub $120 sound cards, but when we start to compare the top tier cards from Creative and ASUS only then do I find this ASUS=Music diatribe false.

I still own my STX, yet in the end I swaped it out for the Titanium HD since this card was able to provide me with the best of both worlds(MUSIC/GAME). Gaming on the Creative proved to be better in the majority amongst the wide assortment of of games I played. I know this well considering I have had almost 2 years of gaming experience previously on my STX.

All these benfits while still maintaining the same quality 2 channel audio playback as my STX. I also prefer the default OPAMPS in the HD over the STX but this is a moot point since I swapped out the I/V OPAMPS in both my 2 cards.

In the END both cards are neck to neck in 2 channel audio playback. Whatever differences there are will become a matter of personal preference.

Oh and the Titanium HD only has Drivers for WIN 7 which have been rock solid. I would not have purchased the Titanium HD had the drivers suffered the same poor quality as the previous generation of creative cards.
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I did one of the very first media reviews of the Titanium HD. I received the card one month before retail release. I liked the HD extremely well in both music and games.

I never have understood why people say the ASUS cards are better with music.

I think both cards have their strengths and weaknesses. Personally I hated jumping through hoops with ASUS' awful software interface that came from the nineties. I also hate the manner in which you have to choose input and output channels for whatever you are doing as well. The 7.1 virtual speaker/surround is a travesty for an "audiophile" sound card. The Dolby Headphone is good though for gaming.
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