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Currently have SetFSB overclocking my E5700 to 3.5GHz, but due to crappy FSBRAM Ratio (1:2) I can't get much above 234 MHz FSB / 468 (936) MHz RAM speeds unless I lower the multiplier. And then I can do 266 / 1065 but it's pretty flaky and the lower Multiplier gives the same performance I'm getting at x15.

So my options (Was thinking) were.
1. To get Higher Speed RAM (Mobo only supports 1066 / 1333) I have 1066 Right now.
2. Figure out some way to modify the FSBRAM Ratio with a Locked BIOS.

Higher speed / quality RAM doesn't always mean I'll get better performance, but I'm bored and want to see how far I can push a bunch of OEM parts (And Prove that you can push OEM parts)